Fixed: 2 Dec Youtube Realtime Views Missing

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As a Youtube creator, you may have noticed that on 2nd December your view count froze at approximately 1 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Since the YouTube community is super active, the community immediately reported the errors. The officials at YouTube took notice began their internal investigation.

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[FIXED] New real time video views not being counted in YouTube Analytics
From ~1 PM PST to ~3:45 PM PST, no real time views were updating in YouTube Analytics and creators were seeing 0 views. This has been fixed and real-time views post ~3:45 PM PST are now updating in YouTube Analytics data.

They then posted on the Google support forums and told their community to have patience. The error is being looked into and it shouldn’t take long to get fixed.

The error lasted around 2 hours and at 3:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, creators began seeing their views again in the analytics tab.

Some creators were still not seeing their views and YouTube addressed them directly. Later, the error was resolved and everything has since been back to normal.

[FIXED] Real-time views missing only for a short period on Dec 2
Some of you may still see missing real-time data (from ~1 PM PST to ~3:45 PM PST on Dec 2) in your YouTube Analytics, with the real-time view count showing as 0 for this time period. Rest assured that this is a cosmetic error and your real-time views are not lost! Our Engineering teams are working to fix this and you should be able to see this missing data in analytics in the next few days.

Here’s the official support thread which you can see the updates on.

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