Unable to check for updates (iOS iPhone message)

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Unable to check for updates (iOS iPhone message)

If you are an iPhone user you must know how annoying it gets when all you want is your phone to be up-to-date but this notification of “unable to check for updates” keeps popping up. This problem usually occurs when you go to download the newest iPhone software updates on your phone. The problem can be caused due to a lot of reasons and iPhone glitches but you don’t have to worry anymore because the article below has some methods through which it can be solved.

Method 1: By closing and reopening settings

When usually new iPhone software is released iPhones do experience some glitches which can cause such problems. In order to fix this one method is to close the settings app and open it again. 

If you are using an iPhone 8 or below, press your home button twice and swipe up all the apps from the app switcher. 

If you are using iPhone X or above, open the app switcher by swiping up from the bottom to the middle of the screen and then holding the app there. A red minus will appear on all the apps. Tap on that minus and turn off the phone. 

Now unlock your phone again and open settings. Try to download and install your update now. The error that was disturbing before will be gone now.

Method 2: By restarting your iPhone

If the reopening of the settings app did not help in fixing the error then it means that your iPhone is still having some software glitches. In order to avoid these glitches, you can also try to fix them by restarting your phone and trying updating it again. 

If you use an iPhone 8 or below you have to press and hold the power button for a while till you see the option of “slide to power off”. Swipe it from left to right in order to turn off your phone. Then by pressing and holding the power button again you turn on your iPhone. 

If you use iPhone X or above, press and hold the side button and either volume up or volume down button in order to get the slide option. Then slide to power off and again turn your phone on with the help of the side button. 

Method 3: By having proper internet connection

One of the most important things is to have a check on the phone that either it is connected to proper wifi or cellular data connection. If the update is larger then it won’t happen on cellular data so a proper wifi connection is always required in updating your iPhone.

Make sure that your phone’s airplane mode is off. If it is on then go to settings and turn off the airplane mode.

Now check if your phone is connected to a wifi network or not. Go to settings>wifi and turn on wifi. Connect to a wifi connection and make sure that it has a blue tick on the left side of the name of the connection.

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