Transparent images not saving as transparent on Google Image Search

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Have you ever run into a problem where transparent images are not saving as transparent on Google Image Search? Well here we might have a solution for that

Searching for transparent images in Google Search

The first and foremost easiest way is to find an image on Google that has no background at all. You can do this by:

Search in Google > Images > Tools > Color > Transparent

A special thanks to Jake Miller for creating this very cool GIF with the process.

How to find transparent images on Google search

One way to spot a transparent image on Google search is to see if it has white and gray checkered background. But keep in mind that not every image with a white and gray checkered background is a transparent image specially if its in JPG or JPEG format.

It is a known fact that JPEGs don’t support transparency. So if the image you downloaded is JPG then its not transparent and you might have to click the image link to download the PNG format from source.

One example is this image above which looks like an innocent transparent image but actually a JPEG.

To download the transparent version you will have to click on the link to the page where the image is hosted

From there you can click to download the original PNG version which is transparent.

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