Fix for “This request looks like it might be automated” Error on Twitter

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Okay so we are guessing that you were using Twitter normally until you started receiving this error “This request looks like it might be automated”. This is a known cause of disturbance for Twitter accounts and in this article we will tell you more on how to resolve this.

What is the cause of this Twitter error?

This request looks like it might be automated

The full error message might look like something like this. The full text of error says

“This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.”

This error message might show up in your Twitter app and it will then limit you from performing any actions on Twitter such as retweets, likes etc. As you can see below there are hundreds of Twitter users facing this error on a daily basis

Why am I seeing this error?

There could multiple reasons why Twitter has flagged your account but the most logical seems to be that Twitter thinks you are a bot or behaving like a bot. `

Over the years Twitter has taken multiple initiatives to improve the quality of its social network. This means taking action on

  • Any automated activity such as bots
  • Any fake follower networks
  • Any spam or inauthentic behavior

Lets say if you got too excited and did any activity which gave Twitter an impression that you are a bot then Twitter will likely put your account to limited activity. This includes any actions such as:

  • Sending Twitter direct messages to multiple random people quickly
  • Sending the same kind of message to multiple people
  • Liking and follow people on a spree
  • Retweeting continuously in a short amount of time

It is best to avoid such frenzy and use Twitter on a normal pace so you account doesn’t get flagged.

Solution for “This request looks automated” error

Keep in mind that there is no way to ‘game the system’ so if you are trying to do anything that is against the Twitter community guidelines, please stop right away.

Going forward, here are a few solutions that we think we might be helpful to help Twitter remove the restriction from your account:

1. Revoke Access for connected apps

In some cases you never know if you might have connected a third party app or service to your Twitter account that is causing the trouble.

Go to Twitter Settings > Apps and sessions > Connected apps and check for external apps that you don’t need and and revoke their access.

2. Link your phone number

One way to prove your authenticity to Twitter is by linking your real phone number.

That is just one way to give Twitter the trust that you are not a bot and indeed a real person. Just add any mobile phone number that you have access to and make sure it is a real phone number that can be accessed since you will receive a text for confirmation often when signing into your Twitter account.

3. Stop any further action

“Don’t poke the bear” as they say.

The best solution here is to a take break and not overdo any activity that will cause Twitter to block your account. As we have mentioned earlier Twitter probably thinks you are a bot who is trying to game their system by following, liking, tweeting, re-tweeting and sending direct messages.

So here the best thing you can do is just stay away from any activity on Twitter for at least a few days and then automatically your account will be restored.

That’s it those are all the tips we have for now and you will find many more on our Tech Help section.

Our team is very responsive so you can always post a comment or a question below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

6 thoughts on “Fix for “This request looks like it might be automated” Error on Twitter”

  1. I’ve started getting this msg only days after setting up a new account, I followed only a handful of accounts, tweeted maybe ten times, and never used any bot or apps to do it for me. Now I can not do anything on Twitter – follow, like, post. The CS is not responding…

  2. Me too, I think that because of many giveaways that we joined and due to huge likes and retweets done by us very fast, twitter consider us as a bots!! the only solution is to give you rest for at least 23 days, and everything will be right till next temporary ban.
    Eng: Hash…Libya

  3. I just created account and done a grand total of 3 tweets! How can it think I am a bot for crying out loud

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