This guy created a virtual being of himself to live forever

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Fifty years ago who would have thought that one day we will be able to sit on our couch and talk to anyone, anywhere in the world. And now, thanks to the internet our world is becoming more connected by every passing day.

Although, still something such as psycho-therapy requires an interaction with a physical presence, even if it is on the other side of the window. But with Artificial intelligence (AI), it seems like this will soon become a thing in our past.

Meet the Digital Clone of Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra, a very successful Indian-American author and a personal transformation guru has just launched a free AI version of himself, also known as a virtual being. Now people can Facetime with the digital Deepak Chopra, discuss their issues and get therapies.

This software has been created by a company called The AI Foundation. It is using the technology to create virtual archives of anyone who wants to be immortalized. According to Deepak, “I am touching my seventy in perfect health, but we all know that the next chapter of my life will be a physical decline. Death is a reality we cannot run away from. This digital version of myself will continue my work even after I am gone, and will in fact improvise itself with every interaction without any time limitations.”

Last year, Deepak released an Alexa skill that screened his daily documented reflections. This new AI initiative is a far deeper interactive area where digital Deepak Chopra will personalize itself, built upon the details provided by the system. Another, advantage of the AI version is the privacy and ethical superiority that comes with it. People can share information without the fear of being judged, including their medical records. The system will interact with the experts and prescribe a suitable treatment. This means that in future consultations with holograms of your favorite personalities from the past and present, is going to be a reality.

Virtual Being: One way to live forever

The application created by AL Foundation seems like something out of Black Mirror which people expected will eventually arrive. The goal of this app is to record interactive archives which create a database that will last forever. This Chopra app is free, since this is aimed at training AI to improve itself.

According to the Co-founder and CTO Rob Meadow, the biggest interest of the company right now is to build something that can create an impact. The Chopra app uses the natural, conversational interface, where the user feels like he is actually talking to the real person.

Virtual Being: Albert Einstein

The bigger idea behind the initiative is to record and create an AI interface for the foundations database, which will include every pertinent detail of the individual. The app will continue to collect the inquiries, and feed them back to the person whose AI has been created, so they can address the problem. The solutions will then be recorded, and become a permanent part of the system. In future, the Al Foundation plans on releasing this tool for the world to build their own AI, just like a living memory.

Even though all of this seems very promising, these can also create a potential chaos of deepfakes (digitally manipulated images or videos) in future. This can be used to produce content which isn’t officially endorsed, and is untrustworthy.

The Dark Side of AI and Virtual Beings

The AI Foundation has promised that it will safeguard the AI identities via a strict verification process. However, it’s a matter of time before things can get mishandled.

Today, most people are able to tell the difference between a fake and an authentic source, but within an year the system will be perfected to a point where the difference will be so minute, that it will be indiscernible for most people. The Foundation believes that building a tool which can detect false media and incorrect statements is not an easy task.

The system has created some hard lines: Only the person himself will be able to train his AI, or people who have been delegated to train the AI, by the person in case of unavailability. Also, the person will own their own data and can erase it anything they want. This is the era of digital life even after death where someone five generations later will be able to talk to you and tell you what’s happening in their life.

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