Photoshop Fix: The application doesn’t support editing of banknote image

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The application doesn’t support editing of banknote image

If you are a photoshop user and you have to edit an image that consists of currency you might have seen this error pop up on your screen. 

Adobe Photoshop is used by people from all around the world because it is convenient and professional but it does have some of its rules to avoid forgery and such cases. But you don’t have to worry because in this article there are listed some methods through which you can hack your way into editing images of banknotes. 

Method 1: by changing the image’s size

While using photoshop if you have trouble using a currency image, all you have to do is to resize the image. Lower the image’s size before opening it into Adobe Photoshop. For example, if the image’s size is 5000 px wide, change it to 1600 px wide. Now try opening this image into photoshop. The image will open without any error or issue. 

Method 2: by using illustrator first and then photoshop.

If the resizing of images does not work and you really need to work on currency images then it is not a problem because there is another hack that will save you. 

Just open your money image in illustrator before opening it in photoshop. Now add a colored box behind your money image.

Now copy both the colored box as well as the money image together and past it onto a new photoshop document. SURPRISE! You have your money image into photoshop without any problem. Now you can edit your image any way you want after removing the colored box.

Method 3: by using images that photoshop will not block

One good thing about Adobe Photoshop is that it will not block all currency-related images. This is a plus point to avoid “application doesn’t support editing of banknote image” error. The only smart move that you need to play now is to pick an image that does not contain a flat currency note. Also, it should not make the EURion constellation or any other pattern of currency that is easy to be read. 

For example, photoshop will allow this image of a rolled currency note.

But it will most certainly not accept the following banknote image.

Method 4: By using photoshop alternatives

Sometimes when you have tried using all the possible images of currency but it still does not work in photoshop then you can switch to alternatives of photoshop. No doubt photoshop is incredibly amazing but you can also try some new image editors that are available.

Following are some of the alternatives of photoshop that you can use to avoid blockage of banknote images. 

  1. GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Program)
  2. SumoPaint 2.0
  3. PixlrX

Now, these are some of the ways you can use banknote images easily while using Adobe Photoshop. These hacks do not mean that the image is to be used in some negative way but there are millions of designs in which currency notes are needed. So when photoshop does not support your banknote image you can use the above-mentioned methods to complete your design without any stress or issue.

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