Fix for Microsoft: a new version of this file is available on the server

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server is updated MS office error

Have you ever come across a server file that is updated error on PowerPoint, Excel, or word? Sometimes when a user is working on a SharePoint library with the word, excel, PowerPoint file, they can see the latest version of the document on the online Microsoft office platform. But if users try to open it on relevant installed office software, they face an error a new version of this file is available on the server. It can become really frustrating when you are working with a large number of files. Here are a few solutions to fix this error:

Quick troubleshooting fixes

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Make sure your file is not open on the online version of Office.
  • Convert old office formats (.ppt, .csv, .doc) to newer formats (.pptx, .csvx, .docx) to fully get access to all features and avoid errors.
  • Reopen your document.

Advanced troubleshooting fixes

If these quick troubleshooting solutions didn’t work, we got some advanced solutions for you.

Refresh your file

Server file is updated error on Microsoft excel, word, or PowerPoint can sometimes be easily solved by refreshing your file. Refresh your file and see if you get the latest version of the file on your system. If you are still getting the error, move on to the next solution.

Clear browsing history

Clearing your browsing history can also help you get rid of server file that is updated in error on word, excel, or PowerPoint.

Step 1: Go to the settings of your browser.

Step 2: Open security and privacy, then select clear data.

Step 3: Choose browsing history and press clear data.

Or you can press ctrl+H on your browser and select clear history data to clear your browsing history.

Clear cache

If clearing your browsing history doesn’t solve your problem, you can clear your installed Microsoft office cache.

Step 1: Go local disk C: > Users > username > AppData > Local > Microsoft > Office > 16.0> OfficeFileCache

Step 2: Delete all contents of the OfficeFileCache folder.

It’s okay if you are unable to delete one or two items on that folder, just leave them be.

How clear MS office cache

Resync your files

Step 1: copy all your files to normal windows folders.

Step 2: remove the OneDrive for Business sync client synced folders from your system – i.e. stop syncing them  

  • Right-click on the OneDrive icon on the right corner of your computer and go to the settings
  • Select the folder you want to stop syncing. 
How to resync your MS office file

Step 4: Restart your system

Step 5: Go to OneDrive client > right-click the icon and sync the document new libraries

Step 6: Enter the library URL and press Sync now 

How to resync your MS office file

use Total Commander to compare the old and new folders to check that you haven’t lost any files.

Check time zones

Check the time zone on the local computer and the site. If the time zones are different on both, this can be the reason you’re getting server is updated error on excel, PowerPoint, word, or any other format file of Microsoft you are working on.

Update Microsoft

Make sure to check if you have updated the OneDrive for Business sync client to the latest update.

Step 1: Go to the format file of Microsoft you are using (e.g. word, excel, PowerPoint)

Step 2: Select files > Account > Product Information > Update Options > Update Now

Update Microsoft Office

We hope these solutions worked for you, if you have any queries do let us know here.

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