iPhone SE 2: A Powerful, Simple Device To Start Your Apple Journey

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Apple has unleashed almost all news pertaining to the new second-generation iPhone SE. With the A13 bionic chipset, the best single-camera system, a 4.7 inch retina display, and Touch ID for the security, the iPhone SE 2 (as we would call it) is going to be an amazing entry into the Apple lineup.

The device will be available for pre-order from this Friday, April 17.

The expected iPhone SE 2 release date is around June, but nothing is certain yet with coronavirus still wreaking havoc.

For a good summary of whatever’s been announced so far about the iPhone SE 2, keep reading! if you’d like to check the original news release, go here.

Could this be one of the 4 new iPhone models that have been rumored to be released just a few days ago?

No 5G for iPhone SE 2?

It is sad to see that this model will not have any 5G capabilities. To make sure this piece of information is correct, we did a search for the term 5G in the whole article and it returned exactly zero results.

While it may have been interesting to see an entirely new technology in the entry-level series, we aren’t that lucky. It is probably going to be a few years before 5G becomes the norm and is released in everything.

iPhone SE 2 price

This is what you get for $399:

  • A13 Bionic chipset
  • No 5G
  • 4.7-inch retina display
  • single-camera system
  • Sapphire crystal for the Home Button

For these specs, the price point is quite reasonable. Especially given that it is coming with an A13 Bionic chipset that is not be taken lightly. The iPhone SE 2 will be a formidable device with decent capabilities that can run rather demanding apps.

It features a 4.7-inch retina display which is noticeably smaller than the iPhone 11 Max Pro’s 6.5-inch screen. But hey, what could you expect from a $399 Apple product?

It will also feature a single-camera system that still promises to pack a punch. Apple has never disappointed us with the quality of their cameras and we’re trusting them this time as well. How well does a single-camera system rack up today with multi-camera systems will get clearer once the product actually releases into the market.

The material used for the Home button will ensure durability is not a problem. The Home button will be able to detect fingerprints like before.

3 amazing colors to choose from

The iPhone SE 2 will be released from the factory in 3 distinct colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Product Red

Apple has a history of keeping their colors distinct and simple. We will be forever grateful to Apple for never releasing a monstrosity like a pink iPhone, or anything else that would take away the essence of an Apple product.

Some more camera specs

The iPhone SE 2 will feature a 12-Megapixel f/1.8 aperture Wide camera that is capable of shooting 4K videos up to 60fps. For an entry-level phone, that is pretty good. The A13 Bionic chipset will allow the camera to perform intense adjustments to pictures to make sure that the best possible images and videos are taken with ease. This will unlock more benefits of computational photography that are not limited to:

  • Portrait mode
  • Six Portrait lighting effects
  • Depth control

Improved Smart HDR is also coupled with the camera. All of this information allows us to expect a great deal from this camera.

As far as videos are concerned, Apple isn’t holding back on that either. QuickTake video will allow users to take videos from both the front and rear cameras without having to go out of photo mode.

The very versatile toolkit offered by Camera and Photo features in iOS13 allow forms of editing that were not present before. Shooting entire videos and editing them on your phone with a professional touch is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Anything more to expect?

The iPhone SE 2 allows users who are unfamiliar to Apple products to dive into its ecosystem without breaking their bank. Apple offers a great deal when it comes to usability in terms of products, services, and accessories. Here’s a list of what you can expect to get from joining the Apple experience:

  • Access to the App store which has around 2 million, fully-vetted apps
  • Amazing third-party apps as well
  • Unique AR experiences
  • Movies and documentaries with Apple TV
  • Apple Music

The list is pretty much endless as to what Apple can offer. If you’ve been thinking about switching to Apple but couldn’t because of a high price tag, this is the chance you’re looking for. The iPhone SE 2 will allow you to experience all of that without compromising on the quality of Apple products.

We said it before and we’ll say it again, the $399 price tag is a practical steal with the amount of things you’re getting in return.

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