New iPhone Will Be Like An iPad?

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In latest Apple news, Apple is experimenting with the size of its upcoming iPhones and they will be taking cues from the iPad design. Not only that, but 5G is also making its way to consumer devices and up to 4 devices will feature 5G capabilities. Along with that, the Apple HomePod is also getting a redesign and will become smaller, according to Mark Gurman. Read till the end to see the latest Apple news.

The upcoming line of devices will reportedly feature 4 devices in total. Two will be on the high-end range and the other two on the lower-end. The lower-end models are designed to replace the iPhone 11. That doesn’t mean you need to throw out your iPhone 11 right away. That model is for people who are yet to have a phone as powerful as the iPhone 11.

Flat edges and screens

It is being reported that the high-end models will feature flat edges as compared to the rather sleek and curvy design of the previous products. The screens of the unreleased phones are also said to be of flat nature rather than the curved approach that Apple is currently using

Do you think that curvy is better or flat edges are the way of the future? Leave that in the comments below!

New HomePod design

The Apple HomePod is also about to receive some much needed attention. With poor sales and much of the market being dominated by Amazon products, Apple needs to look at ways to improve sales. It will be about half the size and naturally the price will be a bit lower too. With consumers mostly buying third-party hardware for this need, the HomePod might have to do more than just a price decrease to bring in sales.

Faster phones

While the exact details are far from being revealed, there is no doubt about massive processor improvements. This is partly due to the emphasis that the new devices have on AR tasks. Without a complimenting processor, performance is going to suffer. Thankfully, Apple always puts performance on the top.

LiDAR coming to iPhones

LiDAR is a new AR technology that is announced for the upcoming iPad Pro and it is included in the next generation of iPhones too. Just like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the high-end phones will have 3 cameras on the back. The lower-end ones will have two cameras but they will still allow for some amazing pictures. With an adequate amount of cameras available, expect LiDAR to take full advantage and allow AR apps to become more innovative than ever.

Will coronavirus delay anything?

While Apple has not officially said anything about delays in releasing products, it can be expected. There are supply problems and demand problems as well. People are trying their best to save up right now. Spending money on a new iPhone might not be on everyone’s bucket list.

Since Apple is based in China for most of its manufacturing, it is not fully understood what impact supply chains will continue to have. A second expected outbreak could be right around the corner and this could spell trouble for many companies other than Apple.

Productivity is also being affected as according to Apple insider, employees are not having a good time. Slow internet speeds, Apple’s secrecy culture, and the general troubles of working from home are impacting all employees.

Some employees may not have the best environment to work from home and it can be very troublesome working. Noisy neighbors are just one of the many problems people can face since everyone is stuck at home currently.

At the very least, small delays in shipment sizes will occur due to delays caused by a low amount of ships and flights running.

What else is on the way?

Apple Tags is something that is going to become public soon. They are like keys which can help you in keeping track of where your important stuff like your wallet is. This is interesting because it is yet unclear what technology will make this work.

It could be Bluetooth or something we haven’t seen yet. Only time will tell what Apple is planning.

A new iMac, budget-range iPads, Apple TV, and MacBook Pro are also upcoming products that we’re going to keep an eye out for.

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