Best 5 New Indie Games on Android | Dec 2020

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Christmas holidays are coming up and with the way things have been this year, it’s necessary to take some time off. Without giving time to yourself and your family, work just isn’t worth it. So do yourself a favor and just relax, play video games, meet family & friends, and not worry about work.

Finding quality games is hard work. But fear not, we’ve combined a list of the best Indie Android games that have come out recently. One of the best things about indie games is that they’re relatively short. This allows you to play a lot of them in a short time and that lets you experience so many worlds together.

Without further ado, let’s move on to discussing the 5 newest indie hits of the year that are sure to make your Christmas holidays an amazing experience!

Object Hunt

Object Hunt is a free to play hide-and-seek game in which either you become a prop and hide, or hunt other players disguised as props.

Once the round starts, a player is randomly chosen as the hunter and the rest are turned into props. You can become pretty much anything and then it’s your job to stay hidden. The best way to hide is to stay in an area where your prop matches the background.

Once you’ve hidden, there is an uneasy feeling when the hunter is walking next to you. They have no idea you’re right there and if they attack, you have no choice but to take a beating!

The rounds are short and quick. This makes the levels exciting and none of them drag on for too long.

The inspiration for this game definitely comes from Garry’s Mod spinoff called PropHunt. While it’s still getting regular updates and amazing fun when played with friends, it’s restricted to the Steam platform.

If you’re looking for the same kind of fun on your Android device, look no further.

Rush Hour 3D

Rush Hour 3D is an adrenaline booster where you get rewarded for driving like a maniac. It provides a safe place for you to try stunts that you can’t get away from within the real world.

Choose your vehicle and overtake vehicles in full throttle while trying to avoid collisions. Cars will come from either side of the road and it’s your job to weave through them and safely reach the finishing line.

You get points for pulling off combos and avoiding near misses. This game kind of brings back memories from the Need for Speed era.

You earn points to unlock more cars and that adds a different dynamic to the game. Some cars have more health than others, while some have more speed. It’s up to you to decide which one’s the best fit for this level.

Blade Forge 3D

Now we have a blacksmith game in which you create the strongest sword. Once you’ve crafted a sword using different materials, you have to test its strength against an opponent. Both of you have to slice an object with the minimum number of hits. Whoever has the minimum strikes, wins.

Beating opponents unlocks better materials and allows you to create even stronger swords. The slicing challenges also get tougher as you move forward so the excitement never wears off.

As you progress, the sword creation process also gets more interesting. The better the sword you try to make, the more processes get involved like crafting the perfect handle.

The sword creation process is also very soothing and satisfying. If you like DIY stuff, this game is definitely for you.

Freeze Rider

Freeze Rider is a fun platformer in which you get to the highest point on the map and make a dramatic jump for maximum points.

You collect ice blocks to be able to create ramps. When the path ahead of you breaks away, you need to create your own path with ice and aim to go as high as you can.

As you get closer to the finishing line, you’ll be able to make a stunt which allows you to get even more air time and land as far away as possible. The further you jump, the more points you get.

It’s not that easy either. You can make ramps and fail to get on them which will send you to a lower point on the map. In the process, you will lose ice blocks and it will be even more difficult to get to your previous position.

Underworld Office

Underworld office is a bit different from the other games we’ve discussed. It’s an interactive story game where our choices dictate the outcome. The options we choose will also determine the ending so be sure to make wise decisions along the way!

The art style and music are simple, but still produce a memorable environment. Nothing is too over the top and every element of the game adds to the story. There’s no loud music that would distract you from the dialogue and you can’t endlessly wander around open areas.

The levels are designed with minimal interactions and it all just adds up to one fun game!

Let us know in the comments what you think about these games!

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