Missing Speaker Holes on iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Cases?

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The era of the iPhone 12 is here, but it looks like there’s an additional feature that Apple forgot to mention: no speaker holes for its MagSafe cases for the iPhone 12 Pro.

That’s what some iPhone 12 users thought was the case until they realized that they received a defective product. According to one Reddit user by the name of u/Natebaakko, he and one other person bought the new MagSafe case for their iPhone 12 Pro and it had no speaker holes.

Confused by this purchase, the user took to Reddit and posted in r/iPhone about his experience. The thread quickly gained popularity and as of now, it has over 6.3k upvotes. The thread is also filled with creative puns and jokes about his experience.

The jokes

While there are a lot of jokes worthy to be on this list, we listed them here on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Apple innovates No Speakers


Holes cost extra


Speaker holes sold separately


Takes a lot of courage to remove the speaker. But we think you’ll like it.


That’s the reason Apple sells Airpods.


Replacing the defective case

According to the same user who posted this to r/iPhone, customer service wasn’t very helpful. It seems they’re unaware of the issue and the user didn’t have much luck explaining the issue on call.

Frustrated, they went to their nearest Apple store and showed the case in person. That’s when they realized that this is an actual problem and not some joke. Luckily, they were quick to offer a replacement upon seeing it themselves.

If you’re one of the unlucky people to receive a defective case, go to an Apple store. Take the case with you and demand a replacement if they don’t oblige.

magsafe case no speaker holes

We believe that if you’re spending $50 on basic accessories, you have the right to demand quality. A phone case qualifies as a basic accessory and we’re glad Apple stores are admitting fault and replacing without question. But, it’s still a hassle to go out and get a replacement.

If enough people do report this issue, Apple should allow replacements to be made from home. Considering the spread of coronavirus, it’s in your best interest to stay home. Getting a phone case replacement does not qualify as necessary travel and should be avoided.

What is MagSafe, anyway?

MagSafe is Apple’s proprietary technology for wireless charging. According to MacRumor, the MagSafe charger only charges at full 15W speeds with Apple’s newest charger. With third-party charging options, the results are far less.

Apple removed the charger from the box for the new iPhones citing environmental contraints, but did not offer a price drop with it. Then they introduce MagSafe charging which only works properly with a new Apple-branded charger.

To put it simply, this is not a consumer-friendly move. Consumers shouldn’t be forced to buy new accessories every time a new product comes out. Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X console seems to be doing a fantastic job when it comes to preserving the last generation’s accessories.

Not only can you play games from the original Xbox, but you can also use your Xbox One controllers on the new console without any problem.

We applaud Microsoft’s decision to keeping its previous accessories still relevant with a new generation of consoles.

What to do if you receive a MagSafe case with no holes?

Contact Apple support immediately. If they don’t help you out, find your nearest Apple store and contact them to see if they’re open (considering lockdown restrictions). Then, take the case with you and hopefully, they’ll resolve the problem without another question.

If that doesn’t seem to work out, just post your experience and let the digital world do its work!

Let us know in the comments if you’re getting the new iPhone and which one. Other than that, do check out our 50 iPhone tips and tricks that every user needs to know!

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