Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay?

is rainbow six siege crossplay

Rainbow Six Siege is a one of its kind online multiplayer tactical shooter and it has been around for quite some time. In its sixth year with four new seasons planned for this year with new updates every 3 months introducing new operators, map updates, and limited time events, the game is gaining popularity day by day. 

The fan following of Rainbow Six Siege across all platforms is similar to many other online tactical shooters however is unique in its own way as well. And with the growing following and interest in Rainbow Six Siege, almost all new players look for the answer to a question subject to every online game, is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay or cross-platform.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay?

rainbow six siege six invitational

So, is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay or not? The answer is a bit complicated. Even though Rainbow Six Siege players won’t be able to play with friends that are on a different platform, they can still play with players that own a console from the same family i.e Xbox One players can play with Xbox Series X players and PlayStation 4 players are able to play with next-gen from the same family of consoles. PC users will only play with other PC players. 

However there has been some news that suggests the answer to that question may change soon.

Why is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay different from other online games?

For the 6 years of the games running, Rainbow Six Siege crossplay has been news every player has been waiting to hear. Although many other communities of mainstream online shooters like Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite have had the pleasure of crossplay or cross platform gaming with their friends (and foes alike), Rainbow Six Siege crossplay is a sensitive topic for its community. 

The mechanics of R6 are unlike any other game we here at AwsmTips have played. Although all tactical shooters require good aim to score some wins, the factor aim plays in R6 is unmatched. The hitbox and damage mechanics of R6 would make it extremely difficult and near impossible for console players who are armed with joysticks to take on PC players who have the precision, accuracy, and speed of a Mouse. 

To counter the disadvantage massive aim assist must be introduced to the game, which would ruin the essence of the game.

Updates on Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay

The following tweet was posted by Rainbow Six Siege’s official account.

This is a huge step forward in changing the answer of “is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay or not”. 

Testing crossplay between cloud platforms like Stadia and PC opens the floodgates. Once this is done, Ubisoft plans on working towards introducing crossplay between different consoles as well. 

That means soon enough, Xbox and Playstation players will be able to play with each other as well. Friends torn by the ages old console war will be able to reunite on a single game. This is something players have long waited for! 

is rainbow six siege cross platform

Unfortunately, there is some bad news though. Rainbow Six Siege crossplay has been enabled only for PC and cloud platform players. Console players should still be playing only with themselves and others on their individual platforms for now. 

Furthermore, as real as the plans for enabling cross-console gameplay is, the reality of no plans for crossplay between consoles and PC is a bit saddening. It does, however, show that Ubisoft understands the game and its community well enough to take a shot back and keep the R6 essence alive.

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