Facing iCloud Account & Sign in issue? You are not the only one

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It seems like many users are facing an issue that Apple has labeled on its system page as “iCloud Account & Sign in issue”. It is likely expected that the increased number of sales on Christmas eve might have overloaded the servers to cause this issue but there is still no clear response from Apple.

Users are currently venting out their frustration on Twitter. Some are facing challenge with activating their Apple Watch while others are facing activation issue with their iPad or other Apple devices such as the Homepage.

It seems like Apple is quite aware of the issue as they are responding to every tweet. Here is the standard response from Apple Support to every tweet

“We definitely understand wanting to access your iCloud account and would be happy to help. It looks like there’s a current issue with the iCloud Account & Sign In”

The only possible solution we can recommend here is to wait it out.

The holiday traffic will likely die down in a couple of hours or days so there is no quick hack or fix to this. Hold tight, enjoy the time with your family and then try again.

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