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watch pixar soul online free

If there is one animated movie that everyone has been talking about recently its Soul by Pixar. In this post we will give you a short snippet of the storyline and show you ways how to watch Pixar Soul online for free. With an all-star cast like Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey, Soul is an animated comedy that tells the story of a Black jazz musician.

Pixar’s Soul Critic Reviews

This review by NYTimes Film Critic A.O. Scott might be enough to get you interested in watching Soul.

In about 100 jaunty, poignant minutes, “Soul,” the new Pixar Animation feature, tackles some of the questions that many of us have been losing sleep over since childhood. Why do I exist? What’s the point of being alive? What comes after?

“Soul” tries, within the imperatives of branded commercial entertainment, to carve out an identity for itself as something other than a blockbuster or a technologically revolutionary masterpiece. It’s a small, delicate movie that doesn’t hit every note perfectly, but its combination of skill, feeling and inspiration is summed up in the title.

Pixar Soul Viewer Reviews

The animated movie already has a rating of 8.3 on IMDB. And more positive reviews of Pixar’s Soul are pouring in on Google with most people giving it a 5-star rating.

Below you will find some reviews as posted by viewers from around the world

  • I can say this without hesitation: Disney/Pixar’s Soul is my favorite movie of 2020. Brilliantly animated, funny, deeply moving and startlingly profound, its arrival at this particular point in time is something of a small miracle. I cannot possibly recommend this enough. This challenges Wall-E as my favorite Pixar movie to date.
  • I watched Soul Christmas morning with my 6 year old child and boy was this a pleasure to share with him. The artistry put into this film and the story being explored propel Pixar another step forward in their amazing storytelling. I’ve been noticing a trend in the newer Pixar films exploring the topic of mortality and the existential questions we pose in ourselves, like in Coco and Toy Story 4. Soul takes that idea and asks how it happens before we are born, and they provide a very creative and abstract idea that is very child friendly, that doesn’t challenge the main ideas (or philosophies) of creation.
  • Pixar has always been for children and adults for the simple reason of being able to bring everyone together, equally enjoying as a family. I really mean when I say, this movie is genius. The way they characterise, the lessons, and of course the way it touches you about the basics of living a happy life. The symbolism is thought out clearly and there is never a dull moment. I honestly don’t know how anyone below 6 years old would react to it but it really does captivate the older Disney fans (like myself) or maybe not even Disney fans but teenagers who feel a little lost, and trying figuring things out in their life. I really really enjoyed the story and it earned a top 5 slot in my favorite pixar movies and that is coming from a 90s kid who is obsessed with Disney.

Watch Pixar Soul online for Free

Pixar’s Soul can be watched online with Disney+.

We have previously covered in detail on how you can setup Disney Plus on AppleTV. As Disney Plus is available only in North America, Europe and parts of Asia and Latin America, so it means that you can watch Soul online by purchasing a Disney Plus subscription if you live in one of those countries.

But what if you live in a country that is outside that territory and you want to watch Pixar’s Soul online for free? Well good news. We have a solution

Our friends have shared with us a streaming link that we would be happy to share with you to watch the animated movie online. Kindly keep in mind that we would only be sharing the link with those who are unable to buy the Disney Plus subscription for affordability or geographical issues.

Please post a comment below and we will share the link with you via email.

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      There is a review we found about Soul that we would like to share here:

      “This movie is beautiful. With all the negativity and chaos of the world right now this feels like a breathe of fresh air. This movie is for anyone struggling to feel like they belong in this world. Absolutely beautiful. After watching I feel like its okay to be here. Honestly really needed this message in my life right now and I’m sure I’m not the only one”

      We hope you enjoy the movie

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