How to turn off camera sound on iPhone

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How to turn off camera sound on iPhone

The iPhone came with an iconic shutter sound every time you take a picture and that has been the same since it started. Although it seems to be great for some users, other users don’t seem to like it that often.

Do you find the shutter sound of the camera taking a picture annoying? Or do you have a problem with turning the shutter sound off? The following article takes care of both your needs.

Method 1: Mute Switch

All iPhones come with a mute button on the top left side of the phone

Mute switch on iPhone

This switch is used to turn the ringer on or off on the iPhone, which includes incoming calls, messages, or any notification sound. This also controls the sound of the camera shutter. Turning this on silent will turn off the shutter sound of the camera.

Method 2: Set volume to zero

Another very easy method to turn off the shutter sound is to turn the system volume to zero. iPhones have two volumes, one for the sound of any music, game, or video, the other for notification sounds, such as calls, screen lock, or the camera shutter. By turning this to zero, we won’t hear the shutter sound of the camera.

Method 3: Switch to Live Photo

The latest iPhones have a feature of taking a live photo. Live photos capture the few seconds before the picture is taken and make a mini video. If you turn this feature on, the shutter sound is automatically turned off and you will not hear it

Method 4: Restart your phone

If the above methods do not work, you don’t have to worry just yet. You should try restarting your phone and repeat the process mentioned above. More often than not, our devices need a little bit of reset to get them functioning the way they should. 

iPhones have multiple restart options, you should try to have a normal reboot followed by a soft reboot if the first does not work out.

Each variant has its own way to perform a reboot on it and they are very simple for the user. After the reboot, your device should work perfectly and if you follow methods 1-3 you will be able to turn off that shutter sound.

Method 5: Update iOS

If a restart didn’t do the trick, that might point towards your OS being outdated. You should go to your settings and immediately check for an update.

If there is an update available you should put your phone on charging and let it update to the latest iOS supported by your device, do a restart, and check again.

Method 6: Hardware Issue

If everything seems to fail, all the evidence points towards a possible hardware issue. The issue may be due to debris, water, or a fall. The hardware components of phones are sensitive and are prone to damage. If the above settings do not turn off the shutter sound, that means it has to be opened by a professional, and the hardware pieces either needs to be replaced or repaired so that the normal functionality of the phone can revive, and you can comfortably use the phone again with no shutter sounds after clicking a photo.

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