How to start a vlog in 2022?

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How to start a vlog in 2022?

Vlogging is as old as there was a concept of posting videos on the internet and since then it has gained more and more popularity.

The internet has been a source of entertainment and information for as long as anyone can remember and vloggers have a key role in that

To define the term vlogging in one sentence will be, the practice of posting short videos on the internet.

Do you want to start vlogging but you don’t know how? Here’s is the guide on how to start vlogging in 2020.


First, you need to watch your favorite YouTubers. Try to concentrate on the details like what was their intro? Or how do they record the video? How long the video was?

Try to go through a few channels so you can take inspiration from different channels. Try to pen down your likes and dislikes by watching different channels. Taking inspiration by watching someone else’s videos is great but Don’t copy their work. Try to draft your own idea and work on that. You will find many people that try to copy the exact same style of certain YouTubers and you’ll almost always find them lacking behind the person who was the original creator. This step has to have a major part of yourself and it has to be original. It’s basically the rough draft part that will get together after some steps. It’s like the building block of the whole building and you have to put in your best in the base so that the structure on top becomes strong and sustainable, not a look-alike of some other vlogger


The second step would be choosing your username. This one is very important as usernames have a great effect on your targeted audience. Try to be more relevant and choose a username that gives the idea of what you’re showing on your channel.

For example, if you plan on giving information or plan to entertain people, your username should reflect that clearly. It should be a little catchy and easily associated with the genre you’re working on. Choosing a username is sometimes a very hard step and can take a lot of time. You can get confused with a lot of ideas and you can also get an idea block, where you just can’t get a name sorted for your channel. Don’t worry! Relax, take deep breathes, give it a night’s rest and think with a cool mind. Ask your best friends and just go with the username you think reflects the inner you the best

Get your pieces of equipment

Getting a reasonable camera is also essential. You don’t need to go for high quality and expensive camera from the start. You can go for a vlogging camera which you can later on upgrade to a better more expensive camera after making some money. Plus, you will get to experiment as a beginner with a camera that doesn’t have many features, this will polish your recording skills.

The beauty of vlogging in 2020 is that you don’t even have to go far stretched for getting a camera. You can start with your phone’s camera even if it’s an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S6. The voice should be clear and the shots should be perfect, that’s what matters the most. A poor camera in the hands of an expert is better than an expensive high featured camera in the hands of a rookie, always remember that and start practicing with your gear.

Equipment for vlogging

Start preparing for your video

Now that you’re all set with your types of equipment, you need to pen down your content. Vlogging doesn’t need any script but still, you should have a clear idea of what you want to show your audience. What did you do in your day? And how can you make it more interesting?

These are all the factors which are really important. Just write down the key points of your daily routine or the content that you want to show.  Don’t ever try to read from a script that can bore the audience. You should always do a light act in front of the mirror or your close friends and you should bounce ideas back and forth from yourself or your team or people you’re close to, this helps a lot when making a creative piece of art such as a vlog

Make a vlog

Now that you’re all prepped up, you have to start filming your vlog. This is the tough part as this will involve you taking multiple shots of the same thing and doing it over and over again till you get the best shot. The work doesn’t finish here; after this, you have to learn some basic video editing for starters or advanced editing depending upon the content that you will be showing. You’ll have to merge different clips, add transitions and the likes to your video to make it really attractive for the audience you are going to target

In 2020, the internet is filled with a bunch of “how-to” videos and you can get every tip you need to get your work started. 

A very common misconception is that the minute you upload a vlog, you’ll get likes flooding in and if you don’t get enough likes in a day you’ve failed. Wrong!

Vlogging takes patience and time, people wait 2-3 years before they get well established on their feet and are known as professional vloggers. These guys work their way from the bottom to the top and that is the only way to proper success.

The world in 2020 is open to almost any and every topic and nowadays you can find vlogs about every possible topic you can think of. There is a common talk that anything you can think of, is already present on the internet and I’m sure someone has or is going to make a vlog about it.

The beautiful thing about Vlogging is that two people can never make a video on their own that is similar even when the topic is the same. To give you an example, you can take any two famous comedy YouTubers and you will find a clear distinction between the two. The way they talk the way they film the way they edit and everything. Making a vlog is truly a form of art that not everyone can master. You’ll find many vloggers that are not achieving fame and you’ll find some vloggers that have achieved fame through shorter vlogs. The trick isn’t about how long the content is, it’s about originality and giving a piece of yourself to this art.

The last and most important tip will be to start right now. Do not wait till you get a better camera or you get a better motivation or you get a better day. If you want to start vlogging, take your pen, paper, and your phone and start making that vlog, who knows who might be influenced by your content.

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