How to Remove Hyperlinks In Google Sheets [With Examples]

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Hyperlinks are useful shortcuts to webpages. Having them in your cells is a quick way to access them. But, sometimes you just don’t need them. Removing hyperlinks from cells in Google Sheets is very straightforward.

There are 4 different ways you can remove hyperlinks from cells and today we’re going to cover them all.

Remove hyperlink by clicking the cell

When you click a cell with a hyperlink, it will open up a preview window for the link. In that window, you can see 3 different options: Copy link, Edit link, Remove link.

You need to press the ‘Remove link’ button as shown below.

remove hyperlink button google sheets

Once you press the button, the hyperlink will disappear and leave the text behind.

Remove hyperlink by right-clicking

Right-click the cell you you want to remove the link from. Scroll down the menu and find ‘Remove link’ and press it.

remove hyperlinks google sheets menu

Remove all hyperlinks at once

To remove multiple hyperlinks in one go, simply select the cell range you want to change. After that, press right-click on any cell in the selected range and click on ‘Remove link’ from the menu.

remove all hyperlinks google sheets

Remove hyperlinks with paste special

If you want to keep the hyperlinks in the sheet, this is very useful. Paste special allows you to copy the text and paste only the required information rather than all the contents in the cell.

Te remove hyperlinks with paste special, simply select the cell(s) you need and copy them. In an empty part of the spreadsheet, right-click and open the Paste special menu and select ‘Paste values only’.

remove hyperlinks paste special google sheets

This will paste all the content of the cells without the hyperlinks.

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