How to get more views on your YouTube channel

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How to get more views on your YouTube channel

YouTube is the largest platform to perform entertainment, promote educational content. But like all other online platforms, YouTubers have started paying money to gain views on their Channel. As YouTube algorithms are changing every day, it focuses more on user behavior rather than the number of views. Plus, it’s expensive too. 

Instead, there are a few tips that you can follow to gain views and get relevant audiences. It might take some time, but the effort will be worth it in the end. 

Descriptive and keyword-rich titles

The keyword-rich title helps the algorithm to sort for relevancy and attracts the relevant audience to your channel. You can use typical SEO methods or keyword search tools to generate keywords for your channel according to your content. Optimizing your video with the right keywords can help you gain organic viewers. 

Keyword-rich descriptions

In video descriptions, you can easily describe to your audience what the video is about. Try to stand out but be generic while choosing the keywords for your video description, this can help you capture views. Optimize them wisely as you would with normal SEO meta descriptions.


Using tags can help the algorithm to understand what users will view in the video and can distinguish the content of the video. Keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags are the main components that will tell what the video is about. They will help to generate relevant viewership.

Thumbnail image 

Optimizing your thumbnail image can help you attract more organic views. Try to use a high-quality image with the right close-ups and engaging fonts. Chose the image which is correspondent to the title and description of the video. Thumbnails leave a huge impact as most audience gets the idea of what’s going to be in the video through an image.

Create a transcript

Creating transcripts of your videos can help you increase your YouTube ranking. If your channel has a high ranking on YouTube, it can increase your views, and there’ll be more chances for your videos to do well. 

Buying YouTube views is not a long-term solution as they only work for a short time. On the other hand, gaining organic views might take some time and effort, but they will be worth it and will have long-term effects. 


Your content of the video should be unique, simple, and engaging. It should provide value to your viewer’s time. Most importantly show exactly what you’re promising to show through your title and thumbnail. Using clickbait might increase your views for one video, but your audience will lose trust, and they might not return to view the rest of the videos. 

If your content is valuable and relevant, then viewers will subscribe to your channel and they will come back to watch more videos. This can help you build your audience and fan base.

Follow trends

Try to keep track of what’s getting famous on the internet and what type of content people are watching. As there will already be a built-in audience for things that are trends so it would be easy for you to tap in. The following trend doesn’t mean that you can copy someone else’s content, it only means that you take the inspiration and add your signature elements to your video. This way you can have your separate and die-hard audience. 

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborating with other YouTube can leave a huge impact. If you collaborate with different YouTubers, it’ll increase your experience and boost your views. Adding their channel’s link in your description will help you gain their views too. 

Create cards

YouTube optimization feature enables you to promote other content within your video. You can add cards by using behavioral analytics which will tell you points where users stop watching your video. By adding cards 

  • You can promote your other videos 
  • You can gain subscribers to your channel 
  • You can send traffic to your site 
  • Encourage viewers to watch your lesser watched content

End screens

Creating end screens can help you to do a little bit of everything. You can prompt your viewers to watch your other content, recommend them playlist from your channel. If you’re linking other videos or adding a subscribe button in your end screen, they both help you to boost your YouTube views. You can add end screens by going to your video manager and clicking end screens and annotations from there you can add additional features.

End screens are the best way of promoting your videos before the YouTube algorithm suggests other people’s content. You can keep your audience on your channel for a long time.

Create playlists

Creating a playlist can help you to get viewers from watching your videos continuously. After your first video ends next one will automatically start playing. This will increase your number of views and your viewers will not even navigate away from your channel while binge-watching. Make multiple playlists for different types of content, to give them flow and relevancy. Share your playlist to engage more viewers. 

Follow your niche  

While creating your videos try to target a specific audience and be relevant to them. Try to follow what’s trending among them and create your videos accordingly. You should also be active among YouTubers who are doing almost the same thing as you. Always encourage new talent and comment on their videos and give your feedback. All these factors can help you build bigger viewership and can attract more people.

Post your video’s on social media

As social media has a huge impact on people so you can also use it to promote your videos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform that suits you. Sharing your video on social media can help you a lot as there are more chances of going viral on these platforms. You can connect with your audience through these mediums because you can share behind the scenes or titbits of what’s coming on your channel on your social media. You can gain more viewers by posting on your social media accounts.

Get your videos promoted by influencers 

Nowadays, influencers have a huge amount of followers. You can share their content and in return, they will share yours on their social media pages. As viewers are already engaging with these influencers daily it can help you gain more views on your channel too. 


Posting about giveaways can change the whole game. You can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel to take part in your posted giveaway. This will get you a huge number of views with a little bit of investment.

Be patient 

Remember to be patient, as getting views on YouTube can take some time. YouTube has its built-in algorithm that keeps changing, but your hard work and consistency will pay off. Focus on getting more subscribers they will help you gain views eventually. 

We hope this guide has helped you to get more views on Youtube. If you liked this guide read our other guides to built your online presence.

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