How to get invite to Clubhouse app

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get invite to clubhouse app

If there is one app that has become the talk of the town these days, its Cloudhouse app. Its an exclusive invite-only audio social network and everyone is trying to figure out how to get invite to Clubhouse app so here we will help you do that.

What is Clubhouse?

Think of it like a chat room but instead of typing, you speak. Imagine being at a party where you move around different groups to have small conversations, that’s what Clubhouse is for you. Except that its all virtual and its all audio based where there are rooms where people are having conversations and you are just hopping and in out to hear conversations or even to participate.

Remember IRC? Think of it like IRC but for millennials and Gen-Z but with audio. You can drop into rooms to ‘chat’ with your voice on any topics. The topics could be:

Or literally any other topic or theme. But there’s a catch and the catch is that you need an invite to access the sign up process on the app.

How to get an invite to Clubhouse?

get invite to clubhouse

Since the app is currently invite-only for now so you can download it but you won’t be able to sign up. This means, like the early days of Gmail, you will have to find someone who already has an account on Clubhouse to send you an invite.

Here are some suggestions on how you can do that:

  • Follow #clubhouse on Twitter and Instagram and spot people who recently signed up and request an invite from them.
  • Check Clubhouse on reddit. There are many users out there who are getting invitations and there are many open threads where people are open to sharing invites.
  • Post in the comment below as we have some members of our team who recently got an invite and we would love to share invitations with some of you.

Also keep in mind that Clubhouse only gives invites based on the activity of the user so please don’t use an invite if you are going to end up not using the app.

If you are in Europe then maybe this app will offer a good distraction to you from Facebook now that some features are not available in that region.

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