How to Fix There was a Problem Downloading the Software for the iPhone Error Issue?

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How to Fix There was a Problem Downloading the Software for the iPhone Error Issue?

iPhone users have complained about getting an error “There was a problem downloading the software. An unknown error occurred (9006)” while updating or restoring their devices. Why does this error occur? It’s a common error that you face while restoring your device. It happens because your computer might not be able to connect to Apple servers or your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Third-party security often prevents iTunes from connecting to Apple servers on your iDevices.

Other possible problems might be with your network connection or Apple’s servers. This error might also appear while restoring, backing up, updating, or syncing your iOS Device. iTunes requires a respective IPSW file, when it’s unable to download this file, you end up getting this error. In this guide, we have listed possible solutions to resolve iTunes error 9006. Try them one by one and we hope one works for you to get rid of this error.

Uninstall Third-Party Security Software

Sometimes third-party security software restricts iTunes from connecting to Apple servers or iOS devices. You might have a problem restoring, backing up, updating, or syncing your iOS devices. If you face there was a problem downloading the software, uninstall or disable third-party security software. After doing so, try again to check if the error still persists.

Make Sure Your Firewall is Not Blocking Apple

Often times your firewall block Apple servers so make sure your firewall isn’t blocking Apple servers from communicating with your computer. Check is not blocked on your firewall. If it is blocked you might end up getting there was a problem downloading the software. While you are checking, check your internet settings are not blocking Apple. Verify that ports 80 and 443 are allowed on your network.

Discarding the .ipsw File and Download Again

Removing the .ipsw file and downloading it again to update your iPad or iPhone may fix the issue. You can delete the file by following the below steps:

  • Go to the Finder on your Mac.
  • Hold down the Option key on the keyboard.
  • Choose the “Go” menu and then click on ”Library”. It is often invisible unless you press down the Option Key. Find the iTunes folder.
  • Now, look for iPad Software Updates, iPhone Software Updates, and iPod Software Updates.
  • Try to find the filename that ends with “Restore.ipsw” and press delete. After completing, close all tabs.

You can manually delete the old IPSW firmware file from iTunes and use the IPSW file to update directly. Now try to download again and see if the error still persists.

Connect to A Different Network

 Sometimes you get there was a problem downloading the software due to network-related issues. Make sure to check your network connection. If your network connection is slow, simply connecting the computer to a different network may fix the problem. Your network connection might get reset, you can try restoring the device using a different system if you have more than one.

Reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Resetting TCP/IP is another method to fix there was a problem downloading the software. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Type cmd in the search bar below and choose Run as administrator to launch the command prompt window.
  •  Inside the command prompt window, type below mentioned commands and press enter after each one.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip reset

netsh winsock reset

  • Once done, restart your system and go to the website again to see if it works.

Factory Reset your Apple Device

You usually get there was a problem downloading the software when there’s an issue on your iPhone. You can fix this error by doing a factory reset of your Apple device. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the settings of your device.
  • Click on the ‘General‘ option
  • Now, click on the “Reset & Approve” option there
  • Once done check if the error still persists.
how to factory reset apple device

Try the Host File Method

You can try the host file method, to get rid of there was problem of downloading the software for the iPhone issue. Here’s how to try the host file method.

  • Disable any antivirus from your system. Open the Notepad app.
  • Now, open the file. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • Check the All Files in the drop-down box. Now check the host’s file
  • Drag & drop the file onto your desktop. You can also cut and paste it to the same location.
  • Now, go back to iTunes. Proceed with the restore.
  • Once the restore process is completed. Now, Restore the host’s file
  • Now, switch ON your antivirus again. After done,  close all the tabs.
  • Now check if the error is resolved.
host file method to fix iPhone software download issue

Update your Antivirus

Sometimes outdated antivirus on your system can end you up downloading software for the iPhone. By updating your antivirus, you can get rid of this error. Go to the official website of the antivirus you are using and look for updates. If you find any, update your antivirus.

By using the DFU (Device Firmware Update) Mode on your Device

You can fix this error by using the Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU)  mode on your device. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Turn OFF your iOS device completely.
  • Plug into iPhone, iPad, or whichever iOS device you’re using into your PC & open iTunes.
  • Press & Hold the Power button for three sec. Continue holding the Power button & start pressing the Home button too.
  • Now, press both buttons for up to ten sec. Release the Power button now.
  • Continue to hold the Home button for another 10 sec.
  • Click on ‘Restore‘ to start the restore process. Now, set up your iOS device
  • Once done, check if there was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone 9006 is resolved or not.

Update your iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone IOS Version

If you get this error, it can be because you haven’t updated your iOS device. Here’s how you do that:

  • Go to the settings of your iOS device.
  • Click on the General option
  • Click on the Software Update option
  • Select the Install Now option to install the latest updates.
  • After updating, restart your device. This will resolve the software downloading issue.
update ipod touch/iPad/iPhone IOS Version

Update System Software

Your system keeps coming up with new updates to keep the system running smoothly. When you don’t keep your windows updated, you can face errors like this one. We suggest looking for recent windows updates and installing them.

For Mac system software follow these steps:

  • First, check that you have an active internet connection
  • Quit out of iTunes. Now Update iTunes.
  • Install any available software updates to MAC O.S.
  • Reboot your Mac.
  • Temporarily disable all software firewalls. Try using a different USB port on your PC
  • Update it again. Now check if the error still persists.
Update iPhone system software

To update windows on your system, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows key + I simultaneously to open settings. 
  • Click on Update & Security.  Choose Windows Update from the left panel.
  • Then click on Check for updates button.
  • It might take some time to look for updates. If any come up, download and install them.

Restore Old Backup from iTunes

You can get rid of there was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone by restoring the old backup from iTunes.

  • Hold the home button of your device.
  • Connect the device to your PC while iTunes is open.
  • Click on your device along with the main toolbar.
  • Go to and click on the Summary option. Now, click on the Restore iPhone option.
  • Restore your iPhone to its previous settings.
  • Once done, close all the tabs and windows. Check if the error still occurs.
Restore old backup from itunes

Reset iPhone Network Settings

Sometimes your phone’s network settings get corrupted and you end up getting errors like this. You can Reset your all Network Settings to get rid of the problem of downloading the software error. Follow the below steps to do so:

  • Go to the Settings. Select the General tab.
  • Click on the ‘Reset Network Settings‘ option there
  • Once done, check if you still get the error.

Restore iOS Device without SIM Card

Sometimes your SIM card gets in the way of you downloading the software. It is suggested that you remove your SIM card and restore your iOS device.

  • Remove the SIM Card and restart the Device.
  • Now, connect to iTunes. Start the ‘Restore‘ process.
restore ios without a simcard

Use iTunes Repair Tool

If you tried all the above methods and nothing worked for you, we suggest you to use use a third party to fix iTunes errors like AnyFix. Make sure to follow the below steps to fix the iTunes error.

  • Download and install AnyFix.
  • Launch it on your system.
  • Click “iTunes Repair” to enter to select a mode you need.
  • Select “iTunes Installation/Download/Update Error” mode.
  • Click on the “Fix Now” button to continue. Now the analysis process will begin.
  • Once analyzing process is finished, click the “Fix Now” button to continue.
  •  Click the “OK” button to give AnyFix permission, then the repairing process will begin.
  • Once the repairing process is finished, the iTunes downloading issues repair will be completed.
iTunes repair tool

These are all the fixes to get rid of this There was a Problem Downloading the Software for the iPhone issue. We hope these fixes were helpful. If you’re facing any other so we can also help you with them with our guides and helpful tips. Comment down below about what problems you are facing.

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