How to fix google pay error code Or-CCSEH-05

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How to fix google pay error code Or-CCSEH-05

Developed and operated by Google, Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system. It is used to power in-person, online, and in-app contactless purchases on mobile devices which enable users to make payments with Andriod phones, watches, or tablets. Google Pay allows its users to set up various payment methods, e.g, credit cards or UPI to pay for the services which are offered by Google or simply to make payments in general. Still, like everything tech, this too has its bugs and glitches. Various Google Pay users have experienced the OR-CCSEH-05 error in the middle of their payments through Google Pay. This article will explain why this error usually occurs and what are the various methods which can be used in order to solve this issue.

Causes of the OR-CCSEH-05 error 

The main cause of this issue is not exactly Google Pay or your bank. It is because of the new ways with which the banks are now dealing with credit cards. Because of the rise in the cases of online fraud, there are a few banks that are now issuing two versions of the same card. One is for the physical payments while the other is for the online payments. This is only to save your card from various attackers but it can also cause such errors in the online payment portals. 

Methods to fix OR-CCSEH-05 error

There are a few methods by which you can easily get rid of this payment error. 

Method 1: by verifying your Google Pay account

verify your google pay account

Before proceeding with your transactions, first, you need to verify your account as you may have been blocked by the error OR-CSSEH-05. You have to verify your account on Google Pay’s Account Verification page. After verifying your account, begin making a purchase. Normally, for some particular transactions with your Google Pay, you have to verify your identity with information that includes your name, date of birth, or address. Moreover, you have to submit an image of your ID. Google uses this information to confirm and protect your identity. In this way, the personal information that you gave and any documents that you will enter will be added to your payments profile. This will help in saving your documents securely. 

In order to verify your account, you have to follow the instructions in the email that you will receive. 

Method 2: by using a virtual card 

The Virtual cards are well-matched with Google Pay’s payments so you should use them for purchasing apps. The reason is that these cards are safe. These cards do not require your physical card’s number online so it saves it from hackers. You just have to make sure that you have activated your Virtual Card option in your bank’s application or website. In this way, you are given another card number and a CVC which alters after every 5 minutes. It is then very easy to use these details directly in your Goole Pay to make your purchase. 

Method 3: by checking your card details 

Sometimes even when you are certain about your card details there may occur a single tiny mistake while putting your card’s information which can cause such errors. So to fix it you should overview your card number, expiry date, or CVV number. This will help you to fix your error. You should also check your bank balance that whether it is enough for the transaction that you want to make or not.  You can look up your Google Pay data online at,, or also on the Google Pay app. 

  • Transaction information: In order to look for the transactions made with your Virtual Account Number online or in-store you just simply have to go to the Google Pay app. To see all other such transactions you can go to the Google Pay app or 
  • Information about the payment methods, transit passes, loyalty cards, offers, and gifts cards can be found on the Cards tab of the Google Pay app. 
check credit card details

Method 4: by contacting your bank

In order to fix this error, you can also contact your bank. Because sometimes with such kinds of transactions problems can occur if your bank account is not compatible with online payments. Another issue can be that sometimes banks are facing a temporary online banking issue. So by contacting your bank you can know if the error is from the bank’s side or not. If yes then you can ask the bank to fix it and if not you can continue to the next method in order to fix the error. 

Method 5: by contacting google pay support

If none of the above-mentioned methods help you in solving this error then you can contact directly with Google Pay through the app or from their website. You can simply report your issue to their site and wait for their response.

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