How to fix a Nintendo communication error

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How to fix a Nintendo communication error

Many Nintendo Switch players get an error (cannot connect to the network) when trying to connect their device to the internet. Something seems to prevent the process from completing. Due to this error, you may not be able to play multiplayer mode, use voice chat, or perform activities that require an internet connection. To determine the cause of this Nintendo Switch error, we conducted a thorough investigation and created a candidate list of scenarios that could cause this error.


Some people who have additionally long gone via this mistake advise restarting the Nintendo Switch before attempting any of the opposite techniques. If the difficulty is associated with temporary documents then it will be mechanically cleared after you reboot the device, this approach has fixed the net connection error – saving you lots of time as well. This manner will reboot your console, resolving another bug that your console has shown. If you don`t know a way to restart your Nintendo Switch, right here are the precise steps:

Restart Nintendo

 Press and maintain the Power button for 2-three seconds till a menu appears for your screen.

 Once the brand new menu appears, navigate to Power Options, then press the OK.

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 Next, press on Restart (from the newly regarded menu) and wait till the console boots again on. After that, take a look to look in case your Nintendo Switch will connect with the net or not.


Another reason this error can occur is that your ISP is not allowing you to connect properly to your default DNS, or there is a problem with your DNS server in general.

 Fortunately, if you’re having problems using a bad DNS range that your ISP forbids, you can always enter the DNS server addresses of different third-party providers to see if the problem goes away.

For information on how to change the DNS server, follow these steps:

 On the Nintendo Switch home screen, access the system settings menu from the horizontal menu at the bottom.

How to change DNS server

 menu Once in the Settings menu, go to Internet and access Internet Settings from the list of available options.

 After that, choose the network address you`re using and go to Change Settings

How to change DNS server

 Scroll down through the list of settings until you see DNS Settings, access it, and select Manual. 

How to change DNS server

 Now two settings will appear, you need to type in the following codes: for primary DNS for secondary DNS 

After that press OK and attempt to connect to your network address to see if it works


Another way to fix internet connection errors is to restart your router. This process resets the router to its default settings, slightly increases internet speed, and fixes internet connection errors. If you don’t know how to restart your router, you can use the OnOff button (most routers have it). 

How to reset the router

If you don’t have an On> Off button, you can also unplug the power cord from the router, leave it for 1015 seconds, then reconnect and wait for the router to turn on again. The end result will be the same. Then test the Nintendo Switch to see if it’s connected to the internet. 

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