How to enable/disable two fingers scrolling?

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How to enable/disable two fingers scrolling?

Cannot use two fingers scrolling on your touchpad? Has it ever happened that you suddenly were unable to scroll on the touchpad with two fingers? No need to worry about it anymore. Below in this article, we will consider causations and guidelines that will help you to enable two-finger scrolling.

What is two-finger scrolling?

Two-finger scrolling is an applicable, virtual scrolling system. On most laptops, you use virtual scrolling to control input positioning on the screen of your device. The systems, like Mac, have two-finger scrolling as a standard feature. However, it can also be set manually on other laptops.

Problems with Two-finger Scrolling

If you suddenly cannot scroll on your touchpad with two fingers, here are some outline issues that could be a cause for concern.

Disabled Two-finger scrolling

Sometimes this problem occurs because two-finger scrolling is disabled in your device configuration. When using the synaptic touchpad, you will need to know that this two-finger scrolling feature is supported on the manufacturer’s touchpad. On most laptops, the feature disables by default, and you can set it manually.

Default by Fault

The problem with any of the touchpad drivers can also be by default. Either the touchpad has defective and corrupt drivers, or the touchpad drivers have not been installed at all.

How to fix Two-finger Scrolling error?

Whatever the reason that you cannot use your two-finger scroll, there are ways to address how to enable two-finger scrolling.

Applicable System 

· Laptop/pcs

Operating System 

· Window 10

· Window 8.1

· Window 7

Method 1 – Enable Two-finger scrolling

Synaptic touchpad setting in windows 10 

1.      Open the setting by pressing the window key + I on your keyboard.

2.      Click on the Device icon.

3.      Click on Touchpad from the left-hand menu.

4.      Select the Drag Two Fingers to scroll right under the Scroll and Zoom section.

5.      Your two-finger scrolling is enabled on window 10, close the setting.

 Enable Two-finger scrolling on Windows 10

Synaptic TouchPad setting in Window 10 Lenovo

1.      Open the Setting from the search menu.

2.      Go to the Devices icon.

3.      Click on the Touchpad from the left-hand menu.

4.      From the bottom of the screen, click the Additional Mouse Option.

5.      In Mouse setting Properties, from the device setting tab click ELAN

6.      Select the device and click Settings.

7.      Select Multi Finger Scrolling.

8.      Checkmark the box next to Vertical Scroll.

9.      Select Apply and click Ok to save changes.

Synaptic touchpad setting in Window 10hp

1.      Open the setting, by pressing the Window icon.

2.      Search Mouse by entering the mouse in the search field and selecting it.

3.      From Mouse properties Panel, double click TouchPad Device.

4.      From the Touchpad settings, adjust the setting for scrolling to suit your personal preferences.

Method 2 – Change The Mouse Pointer – Window 10

1.      In the search window of your system type Control.

2.      Select the Control Panel.

3.      Select Hardware and Sound.

4.      Under the Devices and Printers option, click on Mouse.

5.      Click on the Pointers tab under Mouse Properties.

6.      From the Scheme option, select any scheme of your choice.

7.      Select Apply, then click Ok to save changes.

Test if your Two-finger scrolling is now working. If it is still not working move on to the next solution.

Change The Mouse Pointer

Method 3 – Roll Back Touchpad Driver – Window 10

1.      Press Windows key + R simultaneously to open the Run dialog box

2.      Type devmgmt.msc in the bar and click Ok.

3.      In Device Manager Right Click on Mouse, and select Properties.

4.      Press the Driver Tab and click on the Roll Back Driver button.

5.      Click Yes to confirm your action.

6.      Reboot your PC to save the changes.

If at step number four, if the option is not greyed, it means that the Roll Back Driver does not work for your system.

Roll Back Touchpad Driver

Method 4 – Update Touchpad Drivers 

1.      Press Windows Key + X simultaneously on your keyboard.

2.      Select Device Manager.

3.      Open mic and other pointing devices.

4.      Select Your Mouse Device.

5.      Enter to open Mouse Properties.

6.      Select the Driver Tab and click on Update Driver.

7.      Select the Browse my Computer for Driver Software.

8.      Pick the driver from the available diver from your device.

9.      Mark uncheck to the Show Compatible Hardware.

10.  Select PS/2Compatible Mouse.

11.  Then click Next.

12.  Your driver is installing.

13.  After the driver is installed, restart your PC and save the changes.

Update Touchpad Drivers

To Download TouchPad drivers in Lenovo Window 10, follow these steps:

1.      Go to

2.      In, search your product bar type your product name.

3.      Select Your Product from the options.

4.      Click the Driver & Software tab.

5.      There are drivers given in categories.

6.      Select the related category.

7.      Download the driver.

Method 5 – Enable Two-fingers scrolling through Third source tool

Since two-finger scrolling is a mandatory function, it fails to be implemented through the above methods that you can use in third-party apps. You may have to buy one, and the procedure is described below:

1.      Download the zip file of the Two-fingers scroll tool from any available sources.

2.      Extract that zip file to any location on your device or desktop.

3.      Double Click on the TwofingerScroll.exe file and run the application.

That’s it, to enable your two-fingered scroll can follow any of the above procedures according to your personal preferences.

However, if you are already using the two-finger scrolling feature, you find it to be a hindrance and are looking for ways to disable it, here’s how:

Disable the Two-fingers scrolling in window 10

Find the setting App to the device group of settings and open it. Here go to the Touchpad Tab. Uncheck the box next to the Drag Two fingers scroll under the Scroll and Zoom option.

The Two fingers scrolling feature will be disabled on your system.

Hopefully, this information was useful to you as it provided in detail a guide that you need to know to enable/disable the Two-fingers scrolling feature, preferably for window 10. If you have any questions let us know in the comment section below.

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