Foldable iPhone gets closer to reality with new leaked report

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Foldable phones are one of the hottest trends right now popularised by companies like Samsung and Huawei. There is a news report that says that Apple is testing design of foldable iPhone in China.

Foldable iPhone is coming soon

Everyone knows that Samsung was the first one to start the foldable phone race with the Galaxy Z Flip. But what we know now is that Apple will soon catch up to the race and release its own foldable iPhone maybe this year or next.

So what we do know about the foldable iPhone iPhone so far? Remember that all what we know so far is based on leaks and rumors and we don’t have a price or a release date. But we do have confirmation on its existence based on a video posted by Apple analyst Jon Prosser (video linked below)

Further online reports have revealed that Apple is currently testing design for a folding hinge system for two different iPhones which are currently under testing at Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. This points to one of Apple’s earlier patents that references a device with two separate displays that can be brought together to create a single foldable device with a hinge, like a foldable iPhone.

More details on the Foldable iPhone

There is no release date, no price for the Foldable iPhone so we can only rely on rumors for now. Proessotr’s sources say that the release date should be in late 2022 or early 2023 roadmap. A report from Digitimes says that the Foldable iPhone, or “iPhone Flip” if you will, would likely be released in 2022 so don’t hold your breath for it.

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