Fixed Error Retrieving Information from Server (RH-01)

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Fixed Error Retrieving Information from Server (RH-01)

Google play store is Google’s very own application store, which can be found on android devices. It provides us with access to our favorite apps and games, which tend to make our mobile experience better, while also providing a source of entertainment for the user. Google Play Store also allows us to make in-app purchases when we want to and also provides us with the ability to purchase paid applications available on the store. There are millions of apps on the play store and most of them are well-rated, in whatever function they may perform.

Like any other thing, which seems to be greatly functional like Play Store, can have its downsides as well. Google Play Store, can run into various errors, causing a severe hindrance in our experience. Errors prevent us from downloading our favorite apps and hence we are unable to use them. It is easy to remove most errors, however, some errors require extensive knowledge of the intricacies of android phones. Among these different errors is the ‘Error retrieving information from server’ or the ‘RH-01’ error, which can be caused due to various reasons, which are listed below.

What causes the ‘RH-01’ Error?

  • An outdated device: If you are using an older android device, it is most likely that you will run into this error. Older devices tend to have a lower specification range, this means the components they consist of, whether it’s the RAM, ROM or the processing chipset have an older framework. On a daily basis, thousands of apps are uploaded to the Google Play Store, which consists of decent system requirements. As an older device, tends to have older and less powerful components it cannot keep up with the updated versions of any application, this also includes the Google Play Store. Hence, as a result, it produces various errors.
  • Incompatible Play Store version: In some android devices, the Google Play Store is missing, which means you are unable to benefit from the applications available on it. So to get Play Store on their android devices, people tend to turn to various third-party sources, to obtain Play Store. It is possible that a user may accidentally install a version of the Play Store which might not be compatible with their device. In this case of incompatibility, the ‘RH-01’will most likely be caused. We recommend that you install a version that is compatible with your device to avoid this error.
  • A rooted android phone: Root is an android modification, that allows a user to have more control over the Android operating system. It can allow one to bypass restrictions within the android system and subsystems, providing more functionality and features. Yes, such mods are beneficial, but they also come at a cost and can cause various errors in different situations you might tackle with your android phone. This also includes the ‘RH-01’error in Google Play Store.
  • Use of third-party applications: The Google Play Store has millions of applications, which are free and also paid. However, there might be a few applications, which you want to install, but you cannot get obtain them from the Play Store. Android does allow the use of third-party or ‘unknown sources’ in order to get these applications. It isn’t recommended to install applications from any third-party source, as it may be a security threat to your device. Such apps can also be the root of many errors, including the ‘RH-01’ error on the Google Play Store.

What are the possible solutions?

We have identified a few causes of the ‘Error retrieving information from server’ or the ‘RH-01’ error, now we can look at a few possible solutions that have a high chance of solving this error. 

Updating the Date and Time of your Device

An android device loses a lot of its functionality and is subjected to several amounts of errors when the set date and time is wrong or outdated. The system might be running at an earlier date and time, while the applications including the Play Store, might be demanding an up to date and time. This desynchronization leads to many errors including the ‘‘Error retrieving information from server’ or the ‘RH-01’ error’. In order to fix the date and time, you must follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Access your device ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Locate ‘System’ in your android settings.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Date & time’ option. 

Step 4: You can use the network provided time, which is recommended, but you can manually change the time. For that, you will need to toggle the ‘Use network-provided time’ option off. 

Step 5: Tap on ‘Date’ to change the date.

Step 6: Tap on ‘Time’ to change the time.

Step 7: You can manually change the time zone as well by turning off the ‘Use network-provided time’ and then tap on the ‘Time zone’ option to choose your desired time zone from the list of time zones provided. 

Changed preferred applications

There are default apps, which are used by your mobile’s operating system whenever an operation relevant to that task is given. For example, the preferred app to open your pictures is set to the built-in ‘Gallery’ of your phone, however, you can change this default app to your own preferred media viewing app, downloaded from a third-party source. This concept can be applied to Google Play Store as well. Your third-party ‘App Gallery’ has replaced Google Play Store as the default app gallery on your phone, causing this error. This can be fixed by resetting app preferences on your mobile device, in order to do so follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to your mobile ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Locate ‘Apps & notifications’. 

Step 3: On some devices, you may be presented with the ‘SEE ALL __ APPS’, showing the total number of apps on your phone. You may tap on it to reveal all the applications.

Step 4: In the top right corner, press on the ‘Three Dots’ icon to reveal a menu.

Step 5: In this small menu press on the ‘Reset app preferences’ option.

Alternative Steps

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Scroll to access ‘System’ settings.

Step 3: Reveal the ‘Advanced’ settings.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘Reset options’ button and a new menu will appear.

Step 5:  Choose the ‘Reset app preferences’ and a dialog box will appear.

Step 6: After reading the instructions, press on ‘RESET APPS’ if you want to replace your preferred options with default options.

Clear the cache for Play Services and Play Store. 

Cache memory is placed with the intention of making our experience better, as it enhances the processing speeds because it is a fast-paced memory. However, when the cache exceeds its limits, it tends to cause a lot of problems. So we suggest that you regularly delete the cache of Google Play Services and Google Play Store in order to avoid errors. These steps will guide you in deleting the Cache.

Step 1: Go to your ‘Settings’ and locate ‘Apps & and notifications’.

Step 2: All the apps on your mobile device will be displayed. You are required to find ‘Google Play Services’ and tap on it.

Step 3: The ‘App Info’ menu will appear. Tap on the ‘Storage & cache’ option.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘CLEAR CACHE’ option, to delete the cache.

You can repeat these steps to delete the Play Store’s cache, then try to access the play store again and the error will be resolved. 

Force Stop the Play Store

Google Play Services are always running in the background of your android phones, to ensure a smoother experience. In case errors appear you can force Play Store to stop, allowing it to have a breather and start again. This has the potential to wipe out the ‘RH-01’ error. Follow the steps below to force stop the Google Play Store. 

Step 1: Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’ and locate the ‘Apps & notifications’ option.

Step 2: Navigate through the apps and find the ‘Google Play Store’ app and tap on it.

Step 3: The ‘App Info’ menu will appear containing various options. Press the ‘FORCE STOP’ button.

Step 4: You will be presented with a warning, press on ‘OK’ to proceed and force stop play store. 

Removing your Google Account

The next possible fix on the list is to remove your Google account from your device and add it again. It is very likely that the problem may occur due to some faults caused by a Google account, added to your Play Store, so this can be removed by removing your account. 

Step 1:  Go to the settings on your android device. 

Step 2: Scroll and find the ‘Accounts’ option.

Step 3: Tap on the Google account you want to remove. 

Step 4: Tap the ‘REMOVE ACCOUNT’ and your account will be removed.

Step 5: Go back to all the listed accounts and find the ‘Add account’ option.

Step 6: in this menu choose ‘Google’ and add your google account.

Try to access Play Store again and the error will be resolved.

Disabling and enabling Play Store

Disabling Play Store temporarily halts all actions being taken by Play Store. This means that even the errors that might appear can stop from interfering with your Google Play Store. 

Step 1: Go to your phone settings and access the ‘Apps manager’.

Step 2: Among the various apps that might be on your phone, find ‘Play Store’.

Step 3: Tap on the play store to reveal the info about it. You may press the ‘Disable’ option.

Step 4: As soon as Play Store has been disabled, the ‘Enable’ option will appear. Tap the ‘Enable’ button to start using Play Store again.

Incompatible Play Store version

It is possible that your Play store version isn’t compatible with your device. The version could be outdated and several updates could be available, however, it is also possible that the device you are using is a bit older, and it can not run Play Store in the correct manner. In either case, errors tend to appear to disrupt the user experience, but such an inconvenience can be dealt with using these separate steps.

How to Clear Play Store Updates?

Step 1: Go to your mobile ‘Settings’ and locate ‘Apps & notifications’.

Step 2: Reveal ‘All apps’ and look for ‘Google Play Store’ and then tap on it to access the ‘App info’ menu.

Step 3: At the top right corner press on the ‘Three Dots’ icon.

Step 4: A small dialog box will appear at the top right. Press on the ‘Uninstall updates’ button and your Play Store will be replaced by the factory version. 

How to update the Play Store?

Step 1: Navigate and open the Google Play Store application from your app gallery.

Step 2: Press on your ‘Profile Picture’ to reveal the options. Tap on ‘Settings’.

Step 3: In the ‘Settings’ menu press the ‘About’ option.

Step 4: If your Play Store is not up to date, then under the ‘Play Store version’ option to update the store will be presented. Tap on it to update the Google Play Store.

Resetting your Device

Resetting your entire device, may seem like a desperate attempt to remove this error, but a phone would lose its functionality without the ability to download apps. If no other ‘fix’ works for you, then you can proceed to reset your entire device. Sometimes errors are caused due to a malicious program that was installed on your android device, while you are completely unaware of it. You can try using cleaning software for an android phone or even boot it in ‘Safe Mode’ to manually remove malware. In case the safe mode and the anti-malware doesn’t work, the last option is to reset your device. Before you reset your device, you need to be aware of the fact, that all your media like photos and videos, also documents, various files, and even applications along with your preferred saved settings will be lost. So, it is recommended to create a backup for your android phone, so no data loss occurs. After you have created a satisfactory backup, you may follow these steps to reset your phone. 

Step 1: Access your phone ‘Settings and locate the ‘System’ settings.

Step 2: In the ‘System’ settings tap on ‘Advanced’ to reveal more options.

Step 3: Now press on the ‘Reset options’.

Step 4: You will be presented with various options. Choose the ‘Erase all data (factory reset)’ option and all the data will be removed. 

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