Fixed: Accountsd wants to use login keychain on Mac

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Accountsd wants to use the login keychain

If you’re a MacBook user you’ll know how frustrating it gets when all of a sudden, a message pops up saying “accountsd wants to use the login keychain”. This happens due to the reason that your login password and the password for your login keychain are out of sync. But you don’t have to worry as there are certain solutions to this problem which are well explained in this article below.

Method 1: By turning off Keychain Auto-lock

One of the easiest and most common ways to fix this problem is to turn off the keychain auto-lock. Following are the points that you need to follow to apply this method:

  1. On your Mac, open keychain access. 
  1. Right-click on the “login module”.
  1. Select the option “Change settings for keychain login” from the drop-down menu.
How turn off keychain auto-lock on Mac
  1. Now uncheck the “Lock after” and “Lock when sleeping” options in the next window.
  1. Now save these changes by selecting Save.

Method 2: By syncing passwords

As mentioned earlier this issue can show up if the passwords are not synced together. By following the steps given below you can easily get rid of this problem.

How to sync password on Macbook
  1. On your Mac, go to applications double-click on Keychain Access to launch it. 
  1. Go to the Edit menu and select “change password for keychain login”.
  1. You have to enter your previous user password to unlock the keychain.
  1. After entering the password, a new window will appear.
  1. There will be a box labeled as “Current password”, enter your previous password into this box.
  1. In the “New Password” bar enter your current user password.
  1. Then again in the Verify field add your new user password.

Method 3: By removing the iCloud chain

Another easy way to solve this issue is by removing the iCloud keychain. Following are the steps through which it can be done.

  1.   Go to the Apple logo on your MacBook menu.
How to remove the iCloud chain on Mac
  1. Select “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu.
  1. Choose “Apple ID” at the top right corner of the window.
Apple ID location on Mac
  1. Scroll down till you find the option “Keychain” and then deselect it.
  1. Now restart your MacBook.
  2. When you’re ready, just select back the “Keychain” option in your apple id menu to add all of your login items back to your MacBook.

Method 4: By creating a new keychain

Creating a new keychain does not mean that the older version of your keychain is going to disappear. Your Mac itself will create a copy of your vault and you’ll just have to rename it. Following are the steps which will easily guide you to create a new keychain.

  1. On your MacBook, open Finder. 
Create new keychain on Mac
  1. Select “Go” from the menu bar.
  2. Select “Go to Folder” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now type this into the text entry field under “Go to the folder”: ~/Library/Keychains
  1. Click on “go”.
  2. Select the folder “keychains”.
  3. Drag the folder onto your desktop while holding down the option key.
  4. Right-click and hold the name of the folder copied to your desktop and then rename it.

Now you will not see any pop-up window of “account wants to use the login keychain”.

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