Fix for ROBLOX Error Code 267

fix roblox error code 267

If you have played Roblox, you might have come across the Error Code 267 right in the middle of your game – how annoying is that!? However, this happens when the game detects an illegal activity.

What is Roblox Error Code 267?

If, during the game, you get an error message telling you that you have been disconnected or kicked from the game, and even after multiple retries, the error does not go away then it is most probably the Error Code 267.

roblox error code 267

This error is simply a barrier from getting hacked or exploited. If the game detects any such activity from you, it will ban your account making you unable to play till your account is unbanned (which may take a lot of time.)

However, this is also nothing to worry about as this error code is easily fixable.

Fix Roblox Error Code 267

Here are a few potential issues and their fixes that will help you get rid of the Error Code 267 easily:

fix roblox error code 267

Default Browser

Make sure that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome as your default browser, as it is the most widely compatible browser. 

Software, including games, can malfunction sometimes simply because of version compatibility. It is a good practice to keep your browser updated for a lot of purposes including software compatibility, security, etc.

Browser Settings

Reset your browser settings. This fix may help you get rid of many other Roblox error codes as well.

To reset your browser settings:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click on the lAJBmy5lt1HvT6b288e9tdebIQdP8e8KgXbHW51E3QTCwhhqXvq2EhtDyKedurmIQAdXbpNVTcmXNejWzDj ayzRkFnEZBtsMAtaypjihZt8WSvfWb giP iPBDJwYngkN6e9HgI button on the top-right corner.
  • Click on Settings
TKjfbI 8rLHen lcTI8MGduFqQrmiFI2B4jg70xSVoVkLFyvKBtp7 n5c0 NAAmJzZ2jLZjaxZcABoqxbXoiJm3yfmkESe6ytvyYbWD9RRr 3ncNOibt35lCVlV DpQRcgAD6En
  • Click on Advanced on the panel on the left-hand side of the screen.
R4fUtkia9Qa4xiheQS uzhL4XFsGZusX 8uDOg8uiul0i6 8mGu ZEgN4mfhTLfMe7qzD2
  • Click on Reset and Cleanup
B49uTWgAFsat 0Ep5hfOqdV1v3Sd0oXr tVVFG1Q3H7aFcaqp6GfApUgzTG3 XB9gKg3Fn
  • Click on Restore settings to their original defaults
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  • Click on Reset Settings
Th3 870c737CNz2Pxh276x2MsN 5QOe L4BEPlwCHQyB XWrx1es6UHI0T1kEFybTeo1aLSlobFsTeCRLk3BizCHelYzT5GuSyiCSH6bxsBLyaC HP 4Y alBCHC5Mwi5RXGPIlr

This will remove any extensions and cookies which may be causing a disruption. After resetting your browser settings, launch Roblox again.

Internet Connection

Just like any online game, Roblox also requires a strong and stable internet connection. Disconnection from a game can mean your internet has disconnected, therefore, make sure your connection is strong and has a bandwidth of at least 4 Mbps. 

Browser’s Security Settings

Check if your browser’s security settings are blocking the game. If so, change the settings and revert them after you are done playing.


Even though ad-blockers are amazing when it comes to YouTube, they can hinder your game’s launch. 

Disable your ad-blocker by going to Settings -> Extensions

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Toggle to enable/disable.

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Re-install Roblox

If all else fails, the final and foolproof solution is reinstalling the game itself. Like other software, Roblox usually fixes bugs and errors in its updates. Hence, uninstall the current Roblox from your computer, and reinstall the game. 

With new updates, the game installation time may vary but it will at least let you play in peace!

While playing Roblox, you may face Error Code 610 as well! Check out its quick fixes here!

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