Fix for Error “Boy 190 Reloaded Garrison” in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies

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If you are trying to play Call of Duty Cold War Zombies mode you might see an error. This error says “An error occured: Boy 190 Reloaded Garrison”

This is a known error faced by some users who are trying to play the game online

Fix for Error: Boy 190 Reloaded Garrison

There is no absolute solution to this error but most players have recommended that changing the character skin can help resolve this. To do this go to your operator and select a skin for your operator. That should solve this error for good hopefully.

Or you could try some of the solutions below:

(1) The first and obvious solution to reinstall the game and see if that helps

(2) If you are on PS4: Go to add-ons and install missing files. Go to the game on the Home Screen, down on d pad, down to PlayStation store. Right on d pad left to add ons, then start download on any that are not shaded grey.

(3) If you are on Xbox: try going into Network settings> Advanced> Alternate mac address> Clear. This will clear the mac address then reset your Xbox

(4) Try reseting character skin. Go to the character select screen for the different factions then select your character again and it shall finally recognise the skin and work again.

Most recommended solution as suggested by a user

You go to your operator, look at all the skins to get rid of the green dots, and select a skin for any operator. That should solve it!

Did it work? Let us know. There is also a video story we have made for the solution in case you prefer viewing it or sharing it with others.

If there is any other solution you would like to recommend please post in the comments below.

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