Fix: Facebook Ad account is disabled

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Facebook Ad account is disabled

How to recover suspended Facebook Ads account.

Did your Facebook ads account get suspended? Here’s an article that will help you in deciding what to do if this has occurred.

What to do when your Facebook Ads account is suspended?

What does a suspension mean?

If you work as a social media manager, then having a suspension is really bad news. Below are a few things that will happen:

  1. Your running ads will be held on paused and it does not matter how well they are performing.
  2. You might not be able to simply analyze the historic performance of those ads.
  3. You are unable to place any new ads or add a new payment method.
  4. You will find out that Facebook does not have a telephone support team.

Why did Facebook suspend your account?

Facebook could have suspended your account based on a variety of reasons. Some of those could include things such as suspicious login activity, which indicates unauthorized access, or a computer malware infection. Another reason could be that you have violated the site’s rules and regulations.

The first thing that you need to do now is to check your PayPal or Credit/Debit card accounts. You need to see if it was a genuine security threat or has your account has been hacked.

For your security, make sure you check your payment methods first and if you figure out that your account or the Facebook page has been hacked, you should immediately report it.

However, if your account hasn’t been hacked, then you should ask the question if you accidentally went against the Facebook advertising rules.

Like most people, you might not have fully read the rules and simply accidentally you have ended up breaking one. Down below are a few common Facebook rules, that anyone could have broken on more than just one occasion:

  • Using more than 20% text in ads.
  • Not writing Facebook using a capital “F”.
  • Not matching the ad to the landing page.
  • Access your ads account through a proxy IP.
  • Using words that link with betting or gambling.
  • Using an image which is portraying an “ideal body type”

Disallowed advertising image example

Facebook uses computerized processes to approve or reject any ads. You should read the full list of all the Dos and Don’ts and it is recommended that you do this before you start to advertise. Facebook’s robots, will usually flag each rejected advert (the reason doesn’t matter) and may eventually suspend your whole account without any warning.

Clear landing pages

The link should only include ad-related content. By using short, simple words, you have to make sure you provide what it is that is being advertised. You also need to make sure that your page is loading correctly, and ensure that you avoid any misleading text and any use of malicious ads.

Things that can not be promoted on Facebook

Below are a few contents that you shouldn’t post or advertise on Facebook or else your Facebook Ad Account will be disabled.

  • Any content that violates any community norms such as violence or any criminal activity, suicide, nudity, sexual exploitation or harassment, or misrepresentation of identity.
  • Any illegal products or services.
  • Discrimination.
  • Content that will violate other people’s rights such as any copyright etc.
  • Misleading or controversial content.
  • Multi-level marketing and other businesses that promote minimal investment
  • Any auction announcements.
  • Any short–term loan announcements.

To avoid getting your Facebook Ad Account disabled make sure that you have suitable categories since Facebook doesn’t allow a few specific categories to be advertised on its platform.

Facebook also does not under any circumstances allow promotions of sexually charged dating sites. In some countries such as Egypt, you are not allowed to advertise alcohol, in other places, it is possible to do this as long as the rules are being followed. You must be over the age of 18 to do any of this.

How do you prevent your Ad account from being suspended?

There are a few ways that you could prevent your account from being suspended. Below are some examples and information on how you could do this.

You should avoid being rejected by ads. Before going up on Facebook, ads will go have to go through a review process to make sure that the ad is compatible with all of the policies. Although, if your ad is being rejected a couple of times then your whole account shall be reviewed and it could end up being disabled.

Some policies which are commonly violated are:

Unacceptable business conduct

This suggests that advertising shouldn’t promote any products or services through potential fraud and deceptive methods, this includes advertisements that could be intended for scammers or anyone who might be willing to steal personal information.

Trademark assets

You must make sure that you never include any logos or trademarks names. Try to make sure that, that doesn’t happen. If you use any logos or trademarks those companies may be able to sue you and report you to Facebook which has then ended with your account being suspended.

How do you get your Facebook Ad account running again?

Getting your Facebook ads to your account unsuspended is not easy and definitely not quick.

Since most of Facebook’s “support” has been based on electronic forms and an electric ranking system, it is most likely that your ad was suspended without any human looking at it, this may be because to get your account unsuspended requires human attention.

When appealing the decision, you might have to wait up to one month for a human to respond back.

Here are 6 different methods you could do:

Appeal once

Resending the appeal form will simply move you to the very bottom of the queue. So if you send it once and wait eventually they will get back to you. You can access the form by pressing the link in your red warning message but only once.

Connect another account

To get your ads up and running as soon as possible, you could try creating another profile that can be connected to the page using a different payment method. However, you might not be able to reactivate the ads which are paused, but you can always create new ones.

Search for contacts

Facebook deliberately withholds any contact information so you won’t have any luck in finding a phone number or even a public email address for them. They do however have fewer staff listed on LinkedIn and on there, they will have their Facebook for Business page. This is the page that anyone can use to query their suspensions. Most comments on their page will be about their concern for this issue.

Running promotions through an alternative page

This isn’t always the case but if you happen to have a neutral Facebook page, then you might be able to run another brand’s ads through it. For example, if your brand is named, “Training shoes Canada” and you entitled the page as, “What’s on in Canada” then you can manage to run “click to website” ads through it. However, if the problem lies within your payment method and you didn’t fix that out yet, you might “infect” your other pages, so be careful.

Reconsider your social strategy

If you rely too much on Facebook paid advertising then you might want to go back and refocus on organic engagement. Ask a friend or family member to share your posts, form groups, and forums, and perhaps even tag other businesses in your posts which will make it spread onto other channels and reach a larger audience. Having your account suspended might make you reconsider the overall social media strategy you are using.

It is not about the money

Searching this topic up on google will help ensure you that you are not alone in this, there are hundreds and thousands of frustrated advertisers who happen to be in the same boat as you. The word “spend” does not really matter to Facebook. Before using phrases that give hints of threats behind them, just understand that it won’t affect any of the outcomes and it will also not make you feel any better.

Everyone’s experience of Facebook support compared with other media networks is very poor and entirely different.

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