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With the Rebirth Island update in Call of Duty Warzone, a new bug has appeared: Dev error 6635.

Not too long ago, War Zone and Modern Warfare players were struck with another cryptic error called ‘Dev Error 5573‘. It confused players all over the world and the most infuriating part was the potential fix: changing your Activision account.

There were a lot of suggestions on how to fix it without having to change your account, but none of them provided consistent results.

Dev Error 6635 and Dev Error 5573

The worrying part is that Dev Error 6635 has the same issues and behaviours as Dev Error 5573.

Players who have successfully bypassed Dev Error 6635 have reported changing their Activision account. This fix seems to work for every platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X. No other fix has shown good results.

Another thing to note is that you need to make sure you don’t switch to an account that was facing Dev Error 5573. Those accounts are reporting both errors as of now.

Here are few examples of complaints posted by players related to Dev Error 6635:

  • Anyone knows what Dev error 6635? While I was playing Warzone Battle Royale Squads (in my Xbox series X), my game froze while I was spectating a friend playing on Gulag. Then, after 20 seconds, the game returned to the main screen with the pop up “Dev Error 6635”.
  • I keep getting kicked out of games to the main menu with an error “Dev Error 6635.” Happened even at the end of a Battle Royal win and it didn’t count. I was so mad and thought it must have been a random thing until it happened again. I play on the Series S and never had this issue when I was playing on my One X.
  • First time I have encountered this Dev Error 6635 and it happened two times tonight during Warzone quads. Both times occurred when it was in the final three circles and I was knocked out / spectating a team member. No network issues on my end and plenty of bandwidth. No indicators that it was happening or going to happen such as heavy lag or screen tearing. Driving me crazy and can’t seem to find anything around that error code online.

Fix for Dev Error 6635

If you don’t want to switch your Activision account for the second time just to be able to play a game, you can try the following fixes. We’ve listed them in order of difficulty. But, these fixes seem temporary, and the chances of them working really depend on your luck.

Restarting your device

This is the most basic fix that you can try for any electronic device these days. Sometimes instructions get stuck in certain places on the computer and cause weird errors. A simple restart should be enough in some cases.

Run Warzone as admin on PC

Windows is weird, and sometimes simply running programs and games as an administrator is enough. To do that, right-click Warzone.exe and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

Rebuild database on PS4 and PS5

This one takes time and patience and is exclusive to the PlayStation platforms.

To rebuild CoD Warzone’s database, do the following:

  • Power off your console
  • Hold Power button until you hear audio cue to enter safe mode
  • From here, navigate to CoD Warzone and select ‘Rebuild Database’

Reinstalling Warzone to Fix Dev Error 6635

We know, it’s not fun downloading 100GB+ games just to fix an error, but we don’t have any simpler fixes. Reinstalling the game might give you enough time to avoid Dev Error 6635 until the developers come up with a stable fix.

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