Fix: Confirm your identity issue on Facebook

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Confirm your identity issue on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media applications, and recently a lot of people are facing an unexpected error that reads “Please confirm your identity”

It comes without a warning and you have to go through a couple of steps before you can have access to your Facebook account again. But don’t worry, this article will help you in regaining access to your account in no time!

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Step 1: Choose a security check

This error is sent to a user when Facebook detects some suspicious activity and/or wants to make sure that the person using or accessing the account is actually owned by the user and not being hacked.

The first thing it shows you are a couple of options you can choose from. The options are:

  1. Approve login on another phone or computer
  2. Get a code sent to your number
  3. Upload a photo ID
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Step 2: Perform the security check

Choose one from the following list of options

a. Approve login on another phone or computer

If you choose this option, Facebook will send a notification on one of the devices your Facebook account is already logged in. If you confirm from that device, that completes the step of performing the security check

how to perform the security check on Facebook

b. Get a code sent to your number

The second option is by asking Facebook to send a verification code to the number you 

have associated with your Facebook ID, if you are in possession of the number, you will

shortly receive a text message of a code and you can use that to complete this security 


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c. Upload a photo ID

If you do not have your Facebook ID logged in on any other device, and you do not have 

access to the phone number associated with your Facebook ID either, Facebook gives you a third option, that is, to send them a picture of one of the following items

  1. Passport
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Marriage certificate
  4. National ID Card
How to upload photo ID on Facebook

You can send them a picture of one of the above and expect a reply from them within 24 hours.

After providing them a picture, you will have to send them a trusted email address that is not linked to your Facebook account. It will ask you to confirm the email address and that you have the password for it. After around 24 hours, you should receive an email that has the link to allow you to regain access to your Facebook account again.

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Step 3: Review recent login attempts

Last but not the least, you should go over the list of recent login attempts. This list shows the IP address and devices along with the time, that tried to log in to your Facebook account. If you find any entry which you do not know of, that means that someone else also has access to your username and password and the first thing you should do is immediately change your password as it may have been leaked and is currently in possession of your current password.

Step 4: Enjoy your account!

Congrats! You have successfully regained access to your Facebook account, you can now enjoy your account in peace. Hope this article helped you!

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