Fix: an error processing an annotation or link on Adobe Acrobat

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While working with Adobe Reader you might be familiar with the following error: “There was an error processing a page” or “ there was a problem reading this document” or “there was an error processing an annotation or link”. All these issues usually originate and cause a big problem, but this article contains all the solutions you will need to avoid the hustle. 

Method 1: By changing font size 

The text size of the font in the Microsoft Office application documents which have been inserted in the ArcMap layout should be checked to avoid errors. There is a list of font sizes in the original Microsoft application and if the font sizes differ from the given ones they fix incorrectly into the object which is inserted into ArcMap. So, by changing font sizes you can overcome this error. If the text size is set to 6pt but in the given font list it is 10pt then an error will occur in the PDF when it will be displayed in Adobe Reader.

how to change font size on excel

Method 2: By embedding font

Another way to avoid such errors is to check whether the file from ArcMap was exported into PDF and whether the “Embed document font” was used or not. Following are the steps that you need to follow to do so:

  1. In Adobe Reader open the PDF.
how to embed font in adobe
  1. Take to File> Document Properties.
  1. Go to the fonts tab.
  1. Now look for the fonts which do not have “Embedded subset” written after their names.
  1. If a font does not allow embedding click on “Convert marker symbols to polygons” in the export options of PDF.

Method 3: By updating Adobe Acrobat

One of the easiest ways to avoid any such error is to update Adobe Acrobat. By following the given steps you can easily update.

  1. Open the Acrobat and select Help> Check for updates.
how to update adobe
  1. An update box will appear if any new update is available. As shown below:
  1. Click on download and install.
  1. When the update is downloaded there might come a prompt saying Quit Acrobat.
  2. Quit Acrobat and then click on the option “retry”.
  1. After some time when the update is installed, you will see an updated successful dialogue box. 
  1. Click on close. This is how you can update your Adobe software all by yourself to avoid errors.

Method 4: By avoiding the use of chrome extension.

One of the easiest ways to avoid such errors is to not use the browser’s extensions. Even if you are using the Adobe Acrobat DC Chrome extension to get access to PDF you can save the PDF into a folder and then open it via Adobe Reader desktop apart from the browser.

Method 5: By downloading the PDF folder again.

In some cases, there can be an issue with the PDF file itself. Sometimes a PDF can be partially downloaded or even the PDF can be corrupted and can cause errors. A solution to this problem is to download the PDF again. In this way the error “there was an error processing an annotation or link” can be solved.

Let us know in the comment section below which method worked for you!!

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