Fact Check: Has Microsoft acquired Sony

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microsoft acquired sony

If you are seeing news online that Microsoft has acquired Sony then you are in for a big surprise because this news is absolutely fake and it has no solid ground.

Has Microsoft acquired Sony?

Well as we said, its fake news.

The news was posted online by en24 and made viral. However we can confirm to you that the story has no foundation of truth and is absolutely fake.

Microsoft has acquired Sony for a figure close to 130 billion dollars. Apparently, the main promoter of the operation was Phil Spencer to reinforce the Xbox catalog.

Fake news posted by en24

Everyone’s falling for this big news because two big giants are involved but what’s sad is that no one has bothered to verify the news. You will notice the news is making rounds on Twitter.

Microsoft vs Sony

Lets look at the current the histories of the companies just to get a good sense of where they stand

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen and is currently headed by Satya Nadella as CEO. In 2020 the company is reported to have around 166,000 employees with almost US$143 billion in annual revenue. Windows, Office, Skype, LinkedIn, GitHub, Xbox, Azure are some of the most popular Microsoft services and products used by consumers and enterprises.

Sony was founded in 1946 in Japan by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka and is currently headed by Kenichiro Yoshida as Chairman, President and CEO. It is reported to have around 114,000 employees and ¥8.259 trillion in annual revenue which is close to US$75 billion. It has products and services in various verticals such as Game & Network Services, Music, Pictures, Electronics Products & Solutions, Imaging & Sensing Solutions, Financial Services.

The biggest competition between the two companies is their flagship gaming consoles i.e. Microsoft Xbox Series X vs Sony PlayStation 5. And we can tell you this for sure that the competition isn’t going anytime away soon.

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