Facebook Logs Out Users Across the World

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facebook bug explained

On January 23rd, a large number of Facebook users have reported suddenly being logged out. Most people with two-factor authentication reported they weren’t able to log back in. The most affected segment seems to be iPhone users.

The number of people facing this issue was so large that Facebook responded on Twitter.

About 5 hours later, they posted saying that they’ve fixed the problem.

While the wait wasn’t very long, Twitter blew up immediately with conspiracy theories about a major hack in progress. Some people remained sane and just made jokes, while the rest became anxious and eagerly waited to log back in.

Here’s a few for your pleasure.

The Tweets

While there haven’t been any confirmed reports of a hack in progress, just make sure to log out of all devices once you get to login back to your account.

In other tech news, we discussed the new WhatsApp privacy update. There are a lot of rumors going around so you should definitely give it a look.

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