Fix: Facebook home page won’t load

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facebook home page won't load

If you are having trouble loading your Facebook page, this is the place to get it up and running! You may run into multiple issues like app session expired, the home page won’t load or an error occurred while sending message and wonder “why is Facebook not working” “why is Facebook not responding” “I have restarted Facebook 100 times it still won’t work.” In this article, we’ll cover up all the methods and make sure you can get back to your Facebook scrolling in peace.


Method 1: Check your internet connection

A very common problem you may be facing is the fact that your internet connection is not stable. The fact that you can view this content does not mean that Facebook will be able to load too. The Facebook feed has a lot of content and sometimes takes a long time to load properly. Give it some time and make sure that the internet is stable. You may also want to try testing your internet speed by going here:

Method 2: Restart the web page

Another common solution is to try and refresh the page you are trying to load. Sometimes an error comes while loading the content of the page. Pressing the F5 key or clicking the key in the picture might be the solution to get you back on the main Facebook page!

Method 3: Make sure you’re using HTTPS

Sometimes your browser misinterprets the URL and instead of using HTTPS, it uses HTTP, which is a big NO from Facebook. HTTPS ensures the safety of the website whereas HTTP leaves the website prone to malware and hacking.
If your browser uses HTTP to access Facebook, the home page will not load. The solution is simple:

  1. Click on the URL
  2. Make sure that the URL starts with ‘https://’
  3. If the URL starts with ‘http://’ update the URL to ‘https://’

Your URL should always look like this

Method 4: Restart the browser

Another simple fix is to restart the browser you are using currently. The easiest way to do this is by typing ‘chrome://restart’ on any tab and chrome will restart for you.

If you are using any other browser, the easiest way is to use the Task Manager to ‘End Task’ of the browser you are using and open it again

The Task Manager can be opened by using the “Ctrl + shift + Esc” key combination all at once

How to restart browser

Method 5: Updating the Browser

A very efficient way to get your web pages to load faster, including the Facebook page, is by updating the browser to its most up-to-date version.

If you are using Chrome, you should see the update option on the top right along with the three dots (Menu Button)

If you do not see the update option, please follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the Menu button
  2. Click on help
  3. Click on ‘About Google Chrome’
How to update browser
  1. Chrome will automatically search for any pending update and you can click on the update button to go through with your update

If you are using Firefox, Opera, or any other browser, the basic steps are almost the same as for chrome.

Once the update is complete, you can try reloading the web pages and enjoy Facebook.

Method 6: Fix date and time of the system

You may think that this step is very strange and bizarre, but the time and date of your system affect internet browsing. If the date and time of your system are not correct, this leads to a couple of problems while you are browsing the internet. 

Make sure that your date and time are correct by clicking on the bottom right of your screen or by searching for ‘Date & Time Setting’ on your system.

Facebook Mobile Application

Method 1: Check your internet connection

The very first step is to check the internet connection on your mobile phone. If you are able to see this content that does not mean the content of the app will load too. The Facebook application has a lot of data to process and it may be taking some time because there is a fault with your internet. You can test your internet stability and speed on the following link:

Method 2: Restart the application

If your internet is stable, you may want to restart the application before digging deeper into the problem. A simple restart of the application fixes these issues more times than you think. 

For Android:

  1. Tap the bottom right button to see recently used applications.
  2. Remove Facebook from there.
  3. Open the Facebook app.

For iOS:

  1. If you have a home button, double tap it.
  2. If you do not have a home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  3. From the recently used applications menu, remove Facebook.
  4. Open the Facebook app. 

Method 3: Update the application

If you have tried restarting your application with no luck, this next step might be the issue. Sometimes our automatic update for applications is turned off or maybe you have not connected to Wi-Fi for some time. A very easy solution is to go to the App Store/Play Store, search for Facebook. If you see the ‘Update’ option, click on it and your application will be updated. After the update, you can easily use your application again.

Method 4: Logout and then login again

Sometimes the simplest way is the best way, this statement also holds true for our next fix. The reason is that sometimes the application has its temporary files or cookies corrupted, which needs to be overwritten or deleted in order for the application to work correctly.

Even when you cannot view content on your Facebook application, you will be able to log out of the application and log in again and find that all content is back to the way it should be again!

Method 5: Update the mobile’s operating system

The Facebook applications, for both iOS and Android, have a minimum version of each Operating System, the application does not work if the minimum Operating System Version requirement is not met. This problem can be fixed by going to the setting of your mobile device and checking for the latest Operating System. 

As of 2022, the Facebook application requires iOS 12.4 or later for iOS devices and Android API 15 for Android devices.

If your devices do not support these versions, consider a phone upgrade or switch to using an internet browser on your device

Method 6: Turn off VPN

A less known problem for not having your Facebook app load properly is the fact that the VPN on your device may be turned on. VPN routes traffic and changes the IP address of the device. This sometimes causes problems for the content of the application to load properly. A simple yet useful fix is to turn off the VPN from the setting of your mobile device.

If these methods don’t fix your problem try reinstalling the app.

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