Explained: Facebook Error ‘This Content Isn’t Available Right Now’

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Error Explained_ 'This content isn't available right now.'

Trying to view a funny piece of content of Facebook but keep getting the ‘This content isn’t available right now’ error?

You’re not alone. The redesigned Facebook sees bugs frequently and this one is no exception. Users around the world are reporting this error and we’ve discovered a bunch of possible reasons for it.

Today, we’re going to figure out what’s causing this error to appear for you and see if it has a solution.

What kind of content shows this error?

You might see ‘this content isn’t available’ for a large number of actions.

When you’re trying to view a post, page, or profile, you have a chance of getting the above error. Essentially anything on Facebook that has privacy options can show this message.

The original uploader can change the privacy settings of the post at any time. This can cause a lot of users to see this message if the content ends up going viral because of the privacy settings.

facebook this content isn't available right now error

We’ll now try to help you find the reason for this error.

Reasons for ‘this content isn’t available right now’

There are a number of reasons you might see this error. We’ve compiled a list of the most obvious reasons which you can see below.

Facebook bug

Facebook can throw this error at you for no reason at all. It’s an application after all and they tend to experience bugs from time to time.

To confirm if the error is due to Facebook, try reloading the content a few times. If that doesn’t work, try again in a while. If reloading doesn’t help at all, the reason for the error might not be a Facebook bug.

You’re logged out

Facebook tends to log you out sometimes from the platform. It’s unclear what exactly causes these logouts to happen, but they can be the reason you’re getting this error.

If you’re actually logged out of your account, a simple refresh will show you the login screen. Enter your email and password to login and view the content.

You’re blocked

If the uploader of the post has blocked you, you will get the content isn’t available error. This one has no fix apart from you being unblocked by the poster at a later time.

To confirm if this is the case, you can try viewing the profile that has uploaded the content. If you’re unable to view the profile too, then you’re definitely blocked.

Content has been deleted

It’s possible that the uploader published something that they later changed their mind on. Once they delete the content, it stops showing up on your feed anyway. But, sometimes we don’t refresh our feed and it stays in our app’s cache as a viewable post.

Cross, Delete, Remove, Cancel, Abort, Red, Reject, Tick

When we try to open that content, it’s no longer there. To confirm if this is the case, reload your feed and see if the content is still present.

Deleted content should not show up on your feed after doing a refresh.

Privacy settings

There is a possibility that the original poster has some specific privacy settings in place. They might not have been there originally, but Facebook always lets its users change privacy at any point.

If they do edit the privacy settings and you’re not included in the filter, you will get this error when trying to view it.

Age/Location restriction

Facebook allows content to be restricted on the basis of age and location. This setting makes sure that only the intended audience is shown something.

When age restriction has been applied, there’s no other way to view the content other than to access the content with a different age.

With location restriction, you can try any VPN and view the content. If the content has been restricted in multiple locations, you might need to figure out which country is allowed and set your location accordingly.

We cover solutions for errors on a daily basis. If you’d like us to cover a specific error, reach out to us on Twitter @awsmtips and we’ll try out best to help you.

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