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With quarantine disturbing our daily routines, it’s necessary to have distractions. For you, we have amassed a super-extensive guide on everything Disney Plus-related including how to sign up (with the best offers), best shows, and how to play Disney Plus on Apple TV (old and new models).

What is Disney Plus?

To put it simply, Disney Plus is an ad-free, on-demand 24/7 streaming service that contains content from producers like Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and much more.

With streaming services tearing down the normal TV/cable industry, it was definitely a wise move by Disney executives to embark on their own streaming channel journey.

With Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu being major market contenders, Disney has a long way to go before it can be taken just as seriously as its competitors.

From the name, you can automatically judge that Disney Plus caters to more exclusive Disney content. Their catalog includes classics that we all grew on like Peter Pan, 101 Dalmations, The Fox and The Hound, etc.

They also have a great variety of exclusives that gives you just enough reason to sign up even if you use Netflix or other services.

How to sign up for Disney Plus?

How much is Disney Plus a month? Well, you can start off from a small amount of $6.99 a month. You can also pay a yearly fee of $69.99 a year. You can also sign up for Hulu and ESPN+ in a bundle that saves you about $5 a month. Follow this guide for more details. There’s also a free 7-day trial that you can use to explore the service.

Verizon and Disney Plus have teamed up to get you another great offer, but this one asks you to switch your carrier service to Verizon. The Verizon unlimited Disney Plus offer seems like a good deal given you already use Verizon. Otherwise, it’s too much of a commitment.

You can sign up for Disney Plus from pretty much any device. We will explain the process with a web browser and iOS apps.

How to get Disney Plus 7-day free trial?

A free trial is a good way to judge if the content you plan on subscribing to has long-term value. All you need to get started with a trial is a credit card. See instructions below for the platform of your choice.

On a web browser

Simply go to Disney’s website and choose your pricing option. You can also start off with a 7-day trial by clicking the ‘Start 7-Day Free Trial’ button. Proceed to enter your email when prompted and then click below on ‘Agree & Continue’. Enter a strong password and then enter your payment information.

On iOS

Go to the App Store and search for Disney Plus. Download the app and after starting it you will be prompted with the ‘Start 7-Day Free Trial’ option. The rest of the steps are the same as on a web browser.

If you don’t want to be billed after the 7-day period, cancel your subscription manually before the trial ends.

Disney Plus on Apple TV

The best cinematic experiences exist when you can comfortably sit down and watch the content on a big screen. For this reason, streaming services almost always have apps for smart TVs and Disney Plus is no different.

If you’re confused about how to watch Disney Plus on Apple TV, this section should clear all your questions.

This method works if you own the Apple TV HD (4th gen or later) or Apple TV 4K (tvOS 11 and greater).

To be more specific, these models have the App Store installed on them:

  • A1625 – 32GB
  • A1842 – 32GB
  • A1842 – 64GB

If you have an older model, there’s a workaround just for you in the next section. Apple TV price varies with storage capabilities and the 32GB model starts at $179. For more information on Apple TV, check out their page.

First, make sure you have an active Disney Plus account. If you haven’t created one yet, see the above section for instructions.

To get to the App Store, press the Menu button on the Apple TV remote and scroll through the apps until you find the App Store. Search for Disney Plus in the App Store and download it. You can then login to your Disney Plus account and start watching with the best experience.

Using Disney Plus on older Apple TV

If you’ve been scrolling around and wondering why isn’t Disney Plus on Apple TV, chances are your model doesn’t support it. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

To solve this problem, we will be using AirPlay. It’s important to know that AirPlay works only on devices that use iOS 11 or greater.

AirPlay allows you to seamlessly share screens between various Apple devices.

To use AirPlay:

  • First make sure that your iPhone/iPad and Apple TV are connected to the same WI-FI network.
  • Then open Disney Plus from the non-TV device
  • Start the video you want to stream
  • Look in the top right corner for the AirPlay icon
  • Select Apple TV

Your video should start on the TV without a hitch now.

Other devices that use Disney Plus

Disney Plus compatible devices are pretty much anything that has WI-FI these days. The list includes and is not limited to:

  • Xbox One/One S/One X
  • PS4
  • iPad
  • Chrome OS
  • Windows
  • Smart TV’s
  • Android devices

While not officially announced, expect the upcoming Xbox Series X and PS5 to also support Disney Plus.

Best Disney Plus movies and shows

With so many hours of content available, it gets difficult to decide what you want to watch. That’s why we made a recommendation list. The charm of old Disney movies may never fade away and we prefer the classics more to the recent stuff. But, that doesn’t mean you should avoid modern content. You might find something that fits your taste.

10 Best movies on Disney Plus

  • Toy Story 2
  • Toy Story
  • Finding Nemo
  • Toy Story 3
  • The Fox and The Hound
  • 101 Dalmations
  • The Incredibles
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Alladin
  • Finding Dory

If you want to more options, check this list out.

10 Best Disney Plus shows

  • The Mandalorian
  • It’s a Dog’s Life
  • Fairy Tale Weddings
  • Diary of a Future President
  • Marvel Hero Project
  • Pixar in Real Life
  • Disney Family Sundays
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars
  • The Imagineering Story
  • Pick of The Litter

If you’re still looking for more suggestions, you should check this list.

Disney Plus devices limit

At any given time, 4 devices can be logged into a Disney Plus account simultaneously. This means that 4 different people can watch different movies on 4 different devices. One person could also watch on 4 different devices at once (there’s no sane reason why you’d do this though).

On the other hand, 7 profiles can be created. This means that you can have 7 different users who will have their own watch preferences and settings. What other people watch in your house won’t destroy your perfect watch list. The only drawback is that 7 people can’t watch together.

You can also register 10 specific devices that can be used with your login credentials. This is useful if you don’t want someone to use your account even if they find your password.

Can you watch Disney Plus offline?

Yes, but only on Android on iOS apps. You cannot download Disney Plus content on your laptop.

If you’re someone who’s on the move a lot, having the unwatched episodes of your favorite shows downloaded is a blessing. You can watch them whenever you want and don’t have to worry about finding a secure public internet connection to do so.

To download a show, simply open the Disney Plus app and go to the show’s episode list. With each episode, you will see a download button. Press the button and it will begin downloading. The same process applies if you want to download a movie.

If you have downloaded Disney Plus content on your device, it will need to be validated once every 30 days. This is a security measure which makes sure you cannot keep the content on your device even if your subscription ends.

You should also keep a check on how much storage you’re using up. Sometimes we forget to watch something we downloaded and stream it later on (we’ve done this). Delete episodes you’re done with or don’t plan on watching to save space.

You can only watch and delete Disney Plus content from within the app. You cannot access the files from any file manager.

We hope that all your questions about Disney Plus have been answered. If you still have issues with something, do reach out to us in the comments!

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