Fix: Denied Verification Binance

Denied verification Binance

Cryptocurrency is something everyone in 2022 knows about. It is one of the most trending topics for the past few years. Following its popularity was the rise in Cryptocurrency exchange platforms and one of them is known as Binance. Founded in 2018, the company has gained a lot of popularity to this date. 

One of the crucial things, in order to set up your account, is to get your verification completed, and in this article, we will tell you how to deal with “Denied Verification” issue on Binance.

Step 1: Start the verification process

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to the user’s account option, shown by a little silhouette on the top right
  3. Click on “Verification”
How to start verification on Binance

Step 2: Basic Verification

In the basic verification, we will enter basic details like name, address, nationality, etc. Make sure that this information is correct and the same as what is mentioned on your National ID as this will be verified in the upcoming process.

Basic verification on Binance

Step 3: Intermediate Verification

After you have completed the basic verification, we will now proceed to the intermediate level where we will have to provide photos and documents to prove our identity to the application.

We can do this by selecting one of the following options:

  1. ID Card
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Passport
Intermediate verification on Binance

Choose the option you like and proceed with taking and uploading the pictures of the selected option. 

Afterward, it will ask you to take a picture of yourself so that they can crosscheck the picture on one of the mentioned documents above with your most recent selfie. They will give you a complete guide on how to take this picture, much like the picture on your documents, you shouldn’t wear hats, glasses, or filters and make sure you have enough lighting to get a clear picture.

Upon the successful upload of your picture, the Binance app will verify your account within 15 days and you will be given access to the privileges which are given to the profile that achieve this status.

Step 4: Advanced Verification

The highest and last level of verification is known as advanced verification. This level is available to those who have achieved Intermediate verification. In this step, you will have to provide the proof on your address by providing one of the following:

  1. Bank Statement
  2. Utility Bill
Advanced verification on Binance

First, you will have to enter your address again, and afterward, it will ask you to take a clear picture of either a bank statement or any utility bill which has your address and your name mentioned clearly on it.

Binance will take around 7-10 days to review the documents you have attached in this level and if anything seems out of place, they will not approve the request. We may face some errors and the most likely cause of those is either the quality of the picture or the fact that the information provided is not as aligned or correct as it should be.

Upon successful verification, an email is sent to your registered email and you can enjoy the perks and privileges of an advanced verified account, which are:

  1. $200K Daily Fiat Deposit & Withdrawal Limits
  2. Unlimited Daily Crypto Withdrawal Limit
  3. Access to the full suite of Binance products

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