Ultimate Fix – CoD Error BLZBNTBGS000003FB

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Warzone error BLZBNTBGS000003FB

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone both have their fair share of errors. The error titled BLZBNTBGS000003FB is a connection-related issue that prevents users from playing the game and immediately kicks them out of the game.

Best fix for error BLZBNTBGS000003FB

There are numerous suggestions out there ranging from changing network drivers to tinkering with the forwarding ports in your network. All have shown mixed results, but the best solution so far has been to connect and play the game with your phone’s mobile data through USB tethering.

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Here’s a great guide that explains how you can connect your phone via USB and use its internet on your computer.

If you’re playing on a console, simply turn on your phone’s hotspot and change your selected network to the newly created hotspot.

For Xbox One S/X and Xbox Series S/X, use this guide to switch your wireless network.

Here’s the guide for PS4 and here’s one for the PS5.

Why does this fix work?

It seems that Call of Duty games are sometimes configured to have weird networking configurations. They need access to certain ports which the game doesn’t automatically make use of.

This happens on home internet connections which make use of routers to connect. This fix connects you to the internet through 3G/4G, so it bypasses this hurdle.

If you’re interested in the details, you can check out this thread.

If playing the game through your hotspot connection isn’t feasible, we’ve gathered some other potential fixes which have worked for other players.

Opening forwarding ports for open NAT connection

The supposed reason for getting the BLZBNTBGS000003FB error is your networking ports are not properly configured.

If you change their configuration and open them, the error should disappear.

You need to open two ports: 3075 and 3076

Use this port forwarding guide to open the above ports. Once done, your issue should be resolved.

Using VPN

Sometimes your location might be causing the error to appear. Your ISP may not be connecting to the game servers properly and that’s why you’re experiencing the error. Using a VPN is a simple way to change your in-game location.

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You can download any VPN and set your location to anywhere in Europe, since that’s where majority of the CoD servers are located.

It’s important to note that the stability of your internet connection plays a vital role in having a good VPN connection. If you regularly experience lag and delays, a VPN might make it worse.

If that’s the case, we recommend trying any of the other options instead.

Incorrect DNS settings

Players in Asia have said that changing their Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS servers has helped a lot.

You need to change your Preferred DNS server to and Alternate DNS server to

To change your DNS settings, watch this video. Just be sure to change the fields to the ones mentioned above.

Bad networking drivers

A bad networking driver can also be the cause of random disconnections such as this one. If your networking driver is the infamous E2200, you may have success by rolling back its drivers.

To see if you have this network driver, open your Windows search menu and type device manager. Scroll down a bit and look for Network adapters. Open the dropdown menu and look for E2200. If it exists, right-click on it and select Properties.

Open the Driver tab from the new window and select Roll back driver. Confirm the change wait for it complete and restart your computer to successfully apply the changes.

Did any of these changes help resolve your issue? Let us know in the comments below! We regulalry cover errors and try our best to find solutions to all your fixes. Reach us on Twitter @awsmtips for further questions!

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