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battlefield newest game

The classic first person shooter’s newest addition to the franchise was teased early in June and almost a week later the reveal trailer and first gameplay look was dropped and it’s fair to say the gaming community is HYPED! 

Battlefield 2042 is going to be the latest challenger from DICE to the call of duty franchise in the market. Battlefield has been famous for its online multiplayer game features especially the mass 64 player conquest modes which are unique to its kind. With its newest addition, the franchise is truly owning up to its reputation.

The Battlefield Franchise

The Battlefield franchise has been around for 19 years now and has released 11 games and 12 expansion packs since then. It started out on Microsoft Windows and OS X with Battlefield 1942 and has been played by more than 50 million players worldwide as of 2012. 

The core concept of the franchise is the same as many other titles i.e a first person shooter, however, each battlefield game has brought something new in it that the gaming community has loved and adored and which has set it aside from the rest of the crowd. 

battlefield newest game

Each game until now has featured compelling single-player story gameplay but the most unique thing the franchise has offered is its online multiplayer and its conquest game mode. The player can participate in a battle to capture bases in a 32 v 32 war. 

The game mode along the years has featured tanks, fighter planes, boats, cars, motorbikes, and even horses. For the people who have played the games know the kind of adrenaline pumped experience it is and is one of the main reasons the franchise has such a fan following and why the Battlefield newest game is one of the most anticipated for 2021.

Battlefield Newest Game – Battlefield 2042

The first details of battlefields newest game were unveiled on 9th June 2021 along with its name, BATTLEFIELD 2042. The most notable feature of the game is, it has no single player story mode and focuses only on multiplayer. This has been reasoned by the game developers as they are “focusing on what they do best and utilising all their resources there”.

As the name suggests, battlefield’s newest game is going to take place some years in the future in contrast to its predecessor which took players back to the times of World War 2. This means futuristic content including guns, vehicles, and terrain. 

All-Out Warfare experience, fan-favorites Conquest and Breakthrough once again make their return.Using the next gen consoles features, gamers will be able to play in a lobby of 128 players in total and hash it out on the largest maps ever in franchise history. 

The seven maps being launched with the game are:

Kaleidoscope, set in Sogdo, South KoreacyAk5MUX1D8 SgZgF9 jjF D6t6uhqwAvDhnOIz8Js2F4YE7o7uERXaYcp RztJwCoyg2pjGEgGbQNCREI5nSu8iPAIlKSIYhUh7lQPY5y5tgFvoDvdIrEp hH0Xv4mtCabupFXV
Source: Electronic Arts.

Manifest, set in Brani Island, SingaporeU3Wiwssntt9rnhUSXkms 3cozB EonPDyMssn1ydqfZSL3pdqf3eJc MuoZbodjsL2k32Tymql7 9kR1rOS IxMQjEd2LZeyrhpVAtFW5cvc8Nds9AVJ85iX qj LOvGtgvSqldC
Source: Electronic Arts.

Orbital, set in Kourou, French GuianayWbtr4lx7FySRzySXdTQgDCPisfReqx 449C9XLFpLX TE34SSQ0AlajbGAVcgJFmGgA9txX 4pI3CYvIkQgJIvl5zePHI A6jwNmQzdH6kXP4d9lQkMYWw0IwY5mnUH4c4n6w8S
Source: Electronic Arts.

Discarded, set in Alang, India
8gzuwjJSEK9MlNQHFOFg8CT WWeZ474rIDW7W1hjtmkSTMFFhD5iVcjxznX0 
Source: Electronic Arts.

Renewal, set in the Eastern Desert, EgyptG5iE49fvZkxZ1SNSMPzla3ANs0FKQHsIhylsZGduYbEqLHLG0AQrtfY3s jFdaev
Source: Electronic Arts.

Hourglass, set in Doha, Qatar
Axf3VzcoLrB7ljO2MBekW7878qr2ylYJ9VaDm dZp6o7 dT ugbnAgBy2lio7cHzpGOzbHzWHwnuqRkeb6i1YyLQg9Y1W3VNFk
Source: Electronic Arts.

Breakaway, set in Queen Maud Land, AntarcticasxR8nZGbqVnou5Tb9eAwb8qz4cWmkzOBmjr g3ck1PosmbCQiC8q yZgIHD4VtPn1adlazccBgSjND74u1K ChHnVZejZ7iUJjZCywmlu7WT6AHYC3AXErrxD0i01EG4FYCCx F
Source: Electronic Arts.

All maps will feature dynamic weather, dangerous environment hazards and world events creating an even greater experience of war such as tornadoes capable of whipping players across the map and exploding space rockets.

The increased map size will allow Conquest matches to contain multiple smaller areas, called Sectors. Each of these Sectors will consist of a grouping of control points, filling out each map with even more battles happening concurrently during a match along with new expanded vehicle and traversal options.

Battlefield 2042 introduces new playable roles in the form of specialists. These have been inspired by the classic classes that have become a part of the franchise over the years. There are going to be a total of ten specialists at the time of launch for players to choose from with each having a unique specialty and fully customizable load outs ranging from weapons and equipment to vehicles. 

Four of the new ten specialists were announced on 9th June i.e Webster Mackay, Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky, Wikus “Casper” van Daele, and Maria Flack. Their details are mentioned below along with their initial images. 

ADfKfL7myF4SVCxoTv8ZPcxE5BOZ54wWN8XemnUHikPKGE92xcZMaaicIWAz70SRbLUwrxVg6pKJEgGyL3MisdyDPd7UZQ ifr9 qPn51USPoURiohiMBhYP1QyaNGqMRhmcCtca

Webster MacKay
Specialty: Grappling Hook
Trait: Nimble

EeotOV5 Eodw9BbUOuvwMWMn2p3VSw90vcjUk60uXuV6TUHA

Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky
Specialty: SG-36 Sentry Gun
Trait: Sentry Operator

zRySxS9YjRSbQfzFTXVvnghyDXtaqwKIrZnho6 EooS8QRmfmBFth8a5PLLqF KMqWexYvxumRf3yBBZ0SbbSAfuUmYPe8zn9ky3S7tkoN dmH nQp2CBIlQ7UrcYK 5o17KYPg

Wikus ‘Casper’ van Daele
Specialty: OV-P Recon Drone
Trait: Movement Sensor

U6swQzLCUbPoVplaUlCUq5zj0LStL0F7Ns8tb871bsGF xgdjaTRZe7qRvGNU 3BxVClc1MJntGgduIpG82oXujf8iUMLAICgAAXinaLZJMCP1XM4 RmGCZH6K

Maria Falck
Specialty: S21 Syrette Pistol
Trait: Combat Surgeon

It is very safe to say, the hype is real. Battlefield 6 or as we now know it as Battlefield 2042 is set to take the first-person shooter genre by storm and is going to be featuring a never-before-experienced battle among gamers. 

Battlefield 6 Release Date

Battlefield’s newest game Battlefield 2042 is set to be released for the community on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on October 22nd, 2021. The next-gen consoles and pc versions of the game will allow players to match up with up to 128 players, however Xbox One and PS4 players will experience a game capped at 64 players and reduced map sizes.

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