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Android 10 is a big deal and you get the feeling of being exclusive if your phone currently supports the Android 10 update. The only problem is that Android 10 has been extremely buggy. The kind of bugs you might see depend entirely on your phone. There are a large number of apps that have notification problems on Android 10 in the case of the Nokia 2.2.

Some phones seem to brick on start, and some simply lose their ability to show notifications. The Nokia 2.2 suffers from the second set of problems (and some more) and we’ve been frustrating over it since the update came out a few months ago. The Nokia 2.2 has been our daily use phone so we’ve managed to learn a lot about its problems.

Today we’re going to make a list of Nokia 2.2 apps that are being problematic with Android 10. Since we care about our readers, we’ve decided to compile a list of apps that have problems being properly used on this phone.

This is important to know because if you’re considering getting the phone, you need to know how much trouble you’re in.

We discussed the issue in great detail and sadly no working fix has come up yet. You should definitely give some of our solutions a shot and let us know if something works out for you.

Crucial apps not working with Nokia 2.2 Android 10

Here’s a list of some of the apps that have been crippled because of Android 10;

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Slack
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Airbnb
  • Microsoft Teams

The reason we chose these specific apps is because of the value of their notifications. These apps are extremely powerful because of the connectivity they provide. With this notifications problem, these apps essentially lose their purpose. Until you open them, you won’t see any updates.

WhatsApp and Android 10

Apps With Notification Problems Android 10 Nokia 2.2 WhatsApp
Say goodbye to being active in group chats

We use WhatsApp a lot to communicate about work and also use it to catch up with friends and family. WhatsApp has also become the go-to mode of calling people nowadays. With the Android 10 update, we can’t recall how many times we’ve missed calls simply because we don’t see the notifications.

In fact, the callers have reported that when they call us, they’re shown we’re not even connected to the wi-fi and ‘Ringing’ doesn’t appear. This becomes highly problematic very soon and for the first few days we didn’t understand what was going on.

Constantly opening WhatsApp throughout the day to see if anything important has been missed has become a chore.

Slack and Android 10

Apps With Notification Problems Android 10 Nokia 2.2 Slack
This app could get you fired if you have a bad boss

Slack is being used by many companies and since quarantine began, more companies have opted to use it. It’s a very handy tool to communicate with all your co-workers in real-time.

We also use Slack daily during our work hours and there are times when we don’t have a lot of work. A normal person would leave their laptop and maybe play games for a while or simply walk around they house. They can do that because they know they’ll receive notifications on their phone.

We, the Nokia 2.2 users, do not have that luxury. I’ve been questioned by my boss a few times about where I disappear and why do i not see notifications sometimes. I’m lucky to have an understanding boss who believes me when I tell them my phone’s software is buggy.

If I’m away from my laptop during work hours, I have to constantly open Slack on my phone every few minutes just to make sure I don’t miss anything important. Instead of being able to enjoy my free time, I get anxious about checking my phone every 10 minutes.

Microsoft Teams and Android 10

Some workplaces use Slack and others use Microsoft Teams to communicate. Android 10 has not made it any easier on this platform either. While I haven’t used Teams as much, I can say with certainty that I never got any notifications for it.

I had to manually open the app just to see if anything important was happening and sometimes I just missed responding to crucial messages. Thanks again, Android 10!

By now, hopefully, you’ve realized how badly workplace connectivity apps are being affected. Some bosses might force you to get a new phone and with the current times, it might not be possible for everyone.

Apps working fine with Nokia 2.2 Android 10

From our observation, we’ve concluded that all Google apps seem to be working fine. These are the apps that Google works on itself. Some of these are:

  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Play Store
  • Photos
  • News
  • Calendar
  • Drive

Considering how so many apps don’t work, it’s refreshing to see there are some important, daily-use apps that seem to be working just fine. While it’s completely unacceptable how many apps don’t work, the fact that some work gives hope that this is fixable.

Getting my emails on time is a blessing considering how much information I see late these days.

Gmail is something that everyone uses and I’ll be honest, if Gmail was also not working properly we would’ve thrown this phone out very early.

What about future apps?

At this point, we’re not sure if Nokia is considering rolling out a fix for the Nokia 2.2. It’s been a long wait already and the fact that they aren’t communicating anything says a lot.

There’s a reason the Android 10 update isn’t out on every phone yet and Nokia chose to experiment with the lower end. It would be wise to speculate that an update might come when they release Android 10 on upper-tier phones. There’s always a possibility that they might not consider fixing this at all.

If that happens, we’re going to stay away from Nokia until they apologize for this.

We’d also like our readers to comment their experiences. Are you aware of any crucial apps with notification problems on the Android 10 Nokia 2.2?

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  3. I have a Google pixel 2, and I just bought a Nokia 2.2. both of them have Android 10 on them now. On the pixel, I receive notifications, with notification sounds, for all my apps. On the Nokia 2.2, so far, the only apps that I have noticed a notification sound for is gmail. I am receiving notifications for Facebook messenger and telegram, but they are silenced. I have gone through all of the settings that I can figure out, and have changed everything to where it should work. That includes battery optimization, and Device settings Apps > Telegram > Notification (which only tells me how often I get notifications, but not whether or not they’re silenced). I can’t get into the developer options; that isn’t in my settings list at all. Given that I still get notifications on the pixel, with Android 10 running, this is obviously not an Android issue. I’d appreciate any ideas on how to fix this.

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      We’ve tried a lot to get our Nokia 2.2 to work properly, but sadly we’ve failed. We’ve even tried reaching out to Nokia on Twitter but they’ve been ghosting us. There’s a petition out there which COULD work given more people to sign it. Here’s the link to it:

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