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app to make friends online

We live in very strange times. Strange in the sense that we are so connected yet its not easy to make friends online because there isn’t just one app to make friends online rather there are so many of them.

As of today almost a staggering 60% of the world population is connected to the internet. That’s close to 4.6 billion people!

However making friends is not an easy job and not the kind of job that is for everyone. Most of us have to rely on apps to find people. Apps like Facebook and Instagram are not useful anymore since they contain friends we already know.

But what if there was an app to make new friends online? Yes, you got it right. There is a solution to this problem and we are here to help. But before we do that lets look into the current challenges with apps.

Challenges with apps to make friends online

app to make friends online

Every friends app is a dating app

That’s true. Every app you will find out there is basically a dating app disguised as a friends app. You will have to go through an endless chain of swipes to find the person you want to talk to. And the sad part is, there won’t always be reciprocation.

These apps require you to upload photos

What if you wanted to make new friends without them ever having to see you? That is virtually impossible. These dating apps try to capture you into ‘thirst traps’ so looks become more important than personality.

Instant Messaging kills the moment

Every app requires you to be constantly online. It’s a real fatigue. To be online all the time and every time is a lot of mental stress to handle that can have a toll on you.

An app to make friends online, slowly

Our team recently tried this app which lets you makes friends online, slowly. That’s right this app is built for those who are sick of swipes and instant messages.

Slowly is an app to make friends around the world online by writing short and sweet letters;.

This app brings the traditional pen pals experience online to make friends. You can even browse profiles of people based on interests and then send them a letter to talk about your experiences or even learn a new language.

We tried this app and we simply loved it. In fact we even made a few friends. The key features that you will love about this app:

  • Your letters take time to reach depending on the physical distance between you and your friend.
  • Feel safe by keeping your profile, name and picture totally anonymous.
  • Find friends using interest and language matching features.
  • Collect and unlock stamps from around the world.

Is slowly app safe? Read this carefully

Slowly is as safe as any other app that lets you make friends online.

At the end of the day you have to rely on your own intelligence to judge the person you are talking to. Also please make sure you are not sharing any sensitive information with the people you are talking to.

Here are a few suggestions we have in case you use the slowly app:

  • Please do not share any sensitive information about yourself with your friends
  • Please do not request any sensitive information from your friends
  • Be mindful that any person you are talking to could be posing as someone else

Again we ask you to rely on your own gut. Personally we love the slowly app and we think it gives a very safe experience.

If you are ready to make friends online with slowly download the app on Google Playstore or AppStore

If you are looking for inspiration to send some letters you can checkout our post on long paragraphs for her.

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