Android 10 – Share Wi-Fi Password With a QR Code + Unique Trick

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Whenever you have a gathering at your home, you always dread the thought of telling everyone your Wi-Fi password. Everyone keeps changing phones, you might’ve changed your password, or you might’ve gotten a different connection. Either way, it’s your duty as a host to make sure everyone stays connected. Thankfully, Android 10 has a feature that makes this easier than ever.

share wifi qr code android 10 guests
Imagine telling a 20 character password to 5 people

With this Android 10 feature, you will never have to go through the painful process of telling everyone your password individually. Sometimes they can’t hear you properly and it gets frustrating fairly easily when it takes more than 2 tries.

It gets even more difficult when your password is ridiculously long (but secure too!). It should ideally contain a mix of upper and lower case characters mixed with some special characters and numbers. Compromising on security just to share your password easily isn’t a wise choice and that’s why we love this new feature! It allows you to make a super-secure password and you’ll never have to worry about remembering it.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to share your Wi-Fi password through the QR code – and how to connect to a Wi-Fi using a QR code.

Using this life hack, you’ll truly feel like you’re living in the future.

We also have a neat little trick for you at the end to make the entire process even quicker!

Create QR code for Wi-Fi with Android 10

Whether you have a Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, or whatever brand’s phone, it all works the same way as long as it’s running Android 10. In fact, this process is done in 3 simple steps:

  • Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi and tap this Settings icon next to the Wi-Fi’s name.
  • Press the Share button on the right
  • Verify it’s you by entering your phone’s password or scanning your fingerprint.
share wifi qr code android 10 settings
You need to be connected to a wifi for this to work

Completing these 3 steps should now show you the QR code for your Wi-Fi’s password. Whenever you have to share your password, you can open your QR code from here and have your guests scan it. An alternative is to save a screenshot of it so you can access it quicker.

Connect to Wi-Fi through a QR code

It’s very easy to connect to a Wi-Fi network by scanning a QR code. The process is almost the same for both Android and Apple devices.

How to scan Wi-Fi QR code for Android

For Android 10 phones, you have 2 options: Using a QR code scanner OR by going into your Wi-Fi settings.

The QR code scanner can be any of the ones found on Playstore, as they all work the same way. Here’s a list of some QR code scanners that you can download:

Other apps that let you scan QR codes work just as well. Just make sure whatever app you download has a good rating and is free from malware!

Simply open the app and position the QR code in the viewfinder. Once detected, you will connect automatically.

If you don’t want to download an app (QR code scanners can be pretty useful, though), you can simply open your Wi-Fi settings from Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. Scroll down the list of your saved passwords and look for the icon below.

share wifi qr code android 10 add network
Look for the icon in the red square

Once you tap it, a QR code reader will open. Scan the QR code for the Wi-Fi and you’ll be automatically connected.

How to scan Wi-Fi QR code for iPhone

For all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) running iOS 11 and later, you just have to open your camera app and position the QR code in the viewfinder. Once detected, you will see a notification on top to join the network. Accept it and you’ll connect to the network.

If you’re running a version less than iOS 11, simply download QR Reader for iPhone (or any other QR code reader). Once downloaded, open the app and scan the code. Once you receive the notification, all you have to do is accept and you will then connect.

Our little surprise

We discussed above how you can view your QR code in your Android 10 phone. For this trick, you need to take a screenshot of that QR code and get it printed. When you have the QR code in your hands physically, you can paste it on a wall inside your house.

share wifi qr code android 10 wall
You could even fill your entire wall with the QR code

Whenever someone asks for your Wi-Fi password, simply direct them to scan the code through any of the above mentioned methods.

If you have a big house, printing multiple copies might be better so you can paste them in different places.

The best thing about this trick is that you can also see your password written in the screenshot. If for some reason anyone is unable to connect through the QR code, they will still be able to type in the regular pass.

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