7 Common HBO Errors and Fixes

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7 errors and fixes on hbo max

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to watch your favorite show on HBO. You can come across a few errors on HBO here and there like any streaming platform. Whether it is sound issues or streaming issues, cannot connect error on HBO, most HBO errors can be fixed by following a few steps. We have made a list of a few common errors and their troubleshooting solutions. These solutions are applicable on any device you’re streaming on.

HBO Max crashing issue

Like any streaming platform, HBO also crashes unexpectedly. If the play button doesn’t work, try out the following methods to get HBO running again.

Make sure to keep your HBO Max updated, having the latest version of the application can help you get rid of unnecessary errors. If you update HBO Max, HBO Go and HBO Now won’t automatically get updated make sure to update them separately.

If your app is up-to-date, check your internet connection if it’s working perfectly or not. You can check the speed of your internet from any reliable website. If your internet is slow, try rebooting your router and reconnecting it.

Is HBO down?

If your internet is working fine as well but you still have HBO cashing issues, try clearing your device’s cache. As we all know, the cache does work for your benefit but corrupted ones can interfere with HBO Max. After clearing the cache, log back into your HBO account to check if the issue is resolved.

If nothing works for you, as your last resort try reinstalling the HBO app. After a successful reinstall, log back into your account. Doing this will help you get your favorite show or movie up and running again.

HBO Max Buffering Issues

Sometimes you get stuck in an indefinite cycle of the loading screen. It’s mostly due to network bandwidth, connection speed, and memory availability.

A poor connection can be the most common reason you might be seeing the never-ending loading screen. You can check your internet speed via any reliable website. If the test result shows a slower speed reboot your router. After the restart, check if the issue still persists.

You can fix the buffering issues by getting everyone to stop using the network, doing this will allocate as much bandwidth to your device. It’ll improve the loading speed on your device.

One thing you can do is just close the buffering video and play it again. Sometimes there is a bug in the system while continuous buffering and playing the video again can simply fix it.

If you are streaming on TV or computer, plug the Ethernet cord directly into the device, this will give you a fast and reliable connection. If you are streaming on your smartphone, use a Wi-Fi connection instead of cellular data for a better streaming experience.

HBO Max App Sound Not Working

Sometimes while watching a movie or a show, you stop getting sound on HBO Max. The first thing to do is, try playing another show or movie. This will help you identify if the problem is with that specific show or the entire app. If the problem is with the show, try reporting the problem to HBO Max Feedback Forum.

If the issue is with the entire app, try checking audio levels on the media player, then on your device. If you have speakers plugged in, try checking their audio levels as well.

Try plugging headphones into your device to check if hear any sound out from them. Make sure your Bluetooth is off, you might be sending the sound to another device if your Bluetooth is on. If you’re using HBO on your smartphone, make sure they do not disturb setting is not enabled.

Make sure to keep HBO up-to-date to avoid any unnecessary issues. If you’re streaming on a computer, make sure your browser is updated.

HBO Max Streaming Issues (Error Code 321)

HBO Max doesn’t have any fixes for error code 321, but we still have some fixes for the issue. The first thing to do is to check your internet connection. Make sure your connection is up to speed and the router is working fine.

One possible reason for the error is HBO Max servers might be down. Check their website, if servers are down you can’t do much about it except wait until HBO Max fixes the problem.

Make sure you are using the latest version of HBO MAX. Sometimes outdated versions can cause streaming issues. It is better to have an up-to-date version of the application.

HBO Max is not available outside the US, if you are trying to stream outside the service area, try using a reliable VPN. We have made a list of reliable VPNs to stream your favorite show or movie on HBO Max outside the US.

 Streaming on Too Many Devices

You can only stream on a specific number of devices, depending on your selected plan on HBO Max. You can check the devices that are using your HBO Max account. Tap on the  Profile icon. Select Manage Devices. You will see the list of devices that are using your HBO Max account. You can log out of all the devices that are not required or you can change your password to log out of the unknown devices. As we all know, if you give your password to any one of your friends, they’ll end up giving it to others.

Sign out from all devices HBO

HBO Max Error Code 100 and 420

Mostly you get these two errors if you are trying to stream outside the US or you are trying to use a VPN. If you are running a VPN inside the US, turn it off as it might be slowing down your streaming. Wait for a few minutes and try streaming again.

HBO has the ability to detect VPNs but we have made a list of a few VPNs that might help you stream on HBO outside of the US. We suggest you use premium quality VPN for HBO, otherwise, HBO Max will detect the VPN and try to block your connection.

A few reasons for these errors can be high traffic, service being down, or outage. You can’t do anything about these issues. You will have to wait until HBO Max fixes these issues.

HBO Max Won’t Load

Sometimes, technical errors have nothing to do with your devices. Usually, you get errors due to HBO servers being down or not working properly.

You can use sites like Downdetector to check the outage servers or any issue with the website. Search for the HBO Max on the site and see how many people filed the complaint against HBO Max.

You can also search, Is HBO Max down for everyone? on Google. You might end up finding tweets from HBO’s official handle or from other consumers. If their servers are down, you can’t do much except waiting. Keep refreshing the HBO Max application or website, or you can search if HBO Max working again? to get your answers.

If you see many complaints, chances are the issue is with HBO. In that case, you can’t do anything except wait for HBO to fix the issues. You are kind of helpless in this case and totally dependent on the HBO team. You can report your issue on their support page.

 Now you might have a clearer idea of how to troubleshoot common errors on HBO Max. If you are facing any other errors on HBO, let us in the comment section below we might have some fixes for you.

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