6 Common Microsoft Office Errors and Fixes

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6 common Microsoft office erros and fixes

Microsoft Office 365 applications are widely used on professional and personal levels. Even though all the applications are really useful for work purposes for all age groups but still at times face errors like could not verify the subscription error message, disabled functions error, or product deactivated in the MS Office. These errors can be quite frustrating when you have to do important tasks. Don’t worry we have listed some common errors in MS Office and their possible troubleshooting solutions. Let’s get right into it without further ado:

The product has not been activated error

You might see a yellow or red warning bar saying “Product has not been activated. To continue using uninterrupted activate before the expiry date” at the top. You might get a “Let’s get started” message. You’ll get the choice of purchasing Microsoft Office 365or activating using the product key.

If you have bought a new device that comes with pre-installed Office 365, sign up for a trial or purchase Office through the official website. Check Activate Office to activate it on your device.

Disabled functions error on Office

You might see a yellow or red warning bar saying “the majority of functions are disabled due to your Office product being inactive.  To get the free version, sign in and access the Web version” at the top. You might see a let’s get started message with the trial, purchase, or activation with a product key option.

If you have bought a new device with a pre-installed Office, sign up for a trial or purchase it to continue using it. If you don’t want to buy Microsoft Office 365, you can use the web version of the Office applications by going to their official website.

The product deactivated or has been a disabled error

If you get a “ The product deactivated or has been disabled or deactivated” error, chances are Office was deactivated or signed out from your system. Follow the below steps to fix this form of error on Microsoft Office 365. These steps will enable signing in to another Office device or free space on Office installation.

  1. Select ‘Sign in.’ Use your Microsoft 365 email and password to sign in to your account. 
  2. It will initiate the Office installation.
  3. If you have crossed the sign-in limit or there are no Office installations left, you can sign out.
  4. Disable different Office installations by following the steps to deactivate a Microsoft Office 365 installation.

Update Office version

You might see a yellow caution bar saying “ACCOUNT NOTICE or UPDATE REQUIRED, Your Microsoft 365 subscription has a pending change”. When you use the company’s MS Office 365, they might have upgraded the Office version. Now you must install the upgraded version of the Office that supports your company’s business plan.

 If you are using Office 2016, you just have to upgrade it. But if you are still using Office 2013, you need to delete it and install Office. To reinstall, follow the steps in the ‘Account Notice’ section in Office after turning MS Office 365 subscription.

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The issue with Microsoft Office 365 membership

You will see a caution bar with the message “NOTICE OF ACCOUNT. We’ve discovered an issue with your Microsoft 365 membership and need your assistance in resolving it. You usually get this error due to a payment issue. If your payment was rejected, your membership might become inactive. It can be due to canceled or expired credit cards. Update your payment method to get rid of this error.

Unlicensed Product

When you don’t take any action against the warnings, Office will operate in limited functionality mode. But it would show you alerts like “Unlicensed Product” Problem 7 “or another kind of activation error. MS Office will allow you to open documents and print them. But it would not allow you to do modifications or generate new ones. If you don’t want to buy Office, you can work online using the free version.

Ways to avoid errors on MS Office 365

Microsoft Office’s products need activation. If you haven’t activated Office it might work at times but you’ll face errors. All paid products need activation so it is better to do than a timely. Make sure to verify the following Office 365 subscription guidelines to avoid the errors:

  1. Verify the status of your Office subscription or a current license.
  2. Make sure you are using the correct account.
  3. Use a valid key and know where to locate it in your account.
  4. Turn on subscription notification.
  5. Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Activation Using Microsoft Office Activation Troubleshooters

We have listed all the potential errors that you might come across on Office 365.  Implement the mentioned solutions to solve the errors. If you still face the issue, contact Office 365 support. Let us know in the comment section if this guide was helpful.

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